Wednesday, September 29


you probably have seen this outfit before, but who cares... i mean, who ever said that you can't repeat an outfit. hahaha!

outfit: kamiseta tunic, garage jeggings, sirens necklace & boots, f21 shades
today was uneventful to say the least.. another long 9-hour day at work. im beginning to wonder how my nurse friends can do 12-hour shifts in their job. kuddos to them (i know some of you are reading this, teehee!)

anyway, so i've been thinking of getting full bangs. i don't know, really.. as you can see i have some side swept bangs going on right now. im kind of hesitant to try the full version just because it's harder to hide it if i end up not liking it. what do you think?

anyway.. it's mid-week!!! hurray!!! i'm announcing the winner of my giveaway this friday so you still have time to enter by clicking here!!

Comment of the Day: alyssa
Good luck on your test! =)
And the days just need some getting used to!

thank you, dear!!! im still off to reviewing some more sample questions! will let everyone know how it went tomorrow! :D


  1. aww sybil i love your hair as is right now. you could always try those clip in straight bangs to try it out first? this is such an easy outfit :) i love it! and right on for repeating outfits..we all need to do it more often!

  2. I love this outfit. The tights and dress are great together! I say go for it! Blunt, straight bangs would look amazing on you. I had bangs like this for years and I finally grew them out a little over a year ago. Although I think I look more my age now, I miss the bangs! :)


  3. AHH I love this outfit :) I applaud all those nurses out there who work 12 hours at least... I have a friend who's working 16 hours a day! INSANE.

    I think for you, I'd opt for side-swept bangs, or you could do a wispier straight-cut bang. I've had both, and the straight-cut tends to "baby-fy" my face... but thats just me and I look 12. :)

  4. pretty pretty..x

  5. well, i haven't seen this yet, but it looks great :)

    you work 9-hr shift? i work 8 and i'm dying! Ha ha!!

    join my coach poppy charm giveaway!

  6. Sybil! I love your top and shoes :) You look beautiful :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  7. I adore dresses like this one:) Great outfit,sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!

  8. absolutely nothing wrong with repeating an outfit...I do it all the time lol and as far as the bangs if you are unsure part your hair about an inch or two down the middle and try on the clip on hair extensions ....that way if you don't like the way you look you can just take them out lol ...the beauty of fake hair lol

  9. love the dress, very cute ^_^


  10. So cute! I love this outfit - and the autumn trees in the background!

  11. Love the outfit :) Yay for it being mid week :) As for the hair, I dunno I'm always hesitant on things like this so I'd really be no help :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  12. You look gorgeous. I love the tunic and the detail.


  13. you look so cute in that dress, i love it :) as for the bangs, i understand your hesitation. i want bangs again, but then when i have them they usually annoy me and i hate them, lol. but you would look great with them!

  14. Looking so Chic! Love those shades:)

  15. this is such a cute outfit - definitely not surprised that u wanted to wear it again

  16. Love ur cute outfit...The background looks beautiful..

  17. Gorgeous! i really think you should go for it! if you don't like it, you can always cover it up with a toque until it grows back ;)

    xx raez

  18. sybil, get full bangs! would surely look great on you!!! and i wish you did a close up photo of your shoes :( from the looks of it, it looks really chic! X

  19. Your'e looking great and really slim! Must be the pressures from nurse routines. Hehe! I super admire people in your profession knowing how hard it is. Kudos girl:-)

  20. Haha, eventually everyone has to rewear an outfit! :) I like how your necklace balances out the black on the bottom. <3

  21. Thanks so much to you for picking me as the CSN Gift Code winner! I'm so excited! I love your blog too! You're so cute in these pictures!

  22. you know the best outfits are the recycled ones :P i feel like i've been wearing the same things over and over lately as well. but its so comforting!


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