Thursday, August 5

what did i miss?

other things that happened over my absence?
1. garage sale - acquired a coat, maxi skirt, chunky knit sweater (getting ready for fall '10)
2. citizenship test - just got our letter stating that we're taking our test at the end of september
3. 34th monthsary with the boy - bittersweet really.. i miss him dearly :(
4. make-up haul - hmm.. maybe i'll have that post next week.
5. missing a food tripping thursday post - so im making it up to you by having one now.

i went out with a couple of my girlfriends today and had dinner at this korean restaurant by sargent ave. i've been to this place a couple of times but never really had the chance to share it here in my blog. plus, since i haven't had korean food for the longest time, it was well worth it for me to eat here today.

the sequence of events that we had from having a feast to finishing everything from the very last drop of kimchi sauce. hahahaha! im such a pig, i know! nomnomnom..

aahhh that was good!

Comment of the Day: KD Faustino
ooh i love this! hey can u recommend other canadian bloggers? im moving to canada next week and im only following u and monochromatic. thanks babe!

hmm.. where are you moving? among my favorites would be haute pursuit, bleed for fashion, quality rivets, abbey karson, cheap thrills and flattery (both from my city). i also have a list of other canadian bloggers in my side bar (which reminds me that i really need to update that.. geesshhh!). plus, if you're from canada, dear reader, give me a shoutout below in the comments section!


  1. welcome back!
    hmm.. korean food, yummy.
    can't get enough for bulgogi and kimchi..

  2. YUMMY! I actually have never tried real Korean food, aside from this one mall place. Must add that to my food bucket list.

  3. Now I'm hungry. ;)

    And thank you for your sweet comment-- looking forward to reading your post now!

  4. congrats on being a cdn citizen :)

  5. That chunky knit sweater sounds fantastic!! And that food looks delicious, even though its only breakfast time here in Ireland!! Have a great weekend.:)SarahD

  6. thanks for your comment on my blog.
    uhm...... i'm hungry!!!


  7. yum yum!!!! looks delicious. I've never tried eating in a korean resto, mybe i have to try that soon!:)

  8. Almost every blogger I visit seems to grab some Korean food.. Is it the in thing now..

    haha anyway youre making me crave for Korean foods more.. i miss eating kimchi.. my sibs wont let me stock some on our ref ~ they hate the smell..

    Im moving to Canada next month too LOL and I have zero friends there oh wait I have two but theyre both from Toronto where Ill be at vancouver.. :(

  9. I have never eat korean food,but it look so good!

    visit and follow,

  10. yumm, that food looks good! Thank you for your comment ♥

    x Caramelle

  11. you just made me hungry. lol! :))


  12. Welcome back sweetie! Lovely food post too:-).

  13. I thought that i was already following your blog! Well, i am now:-). Happy Friday!

  14. The Korean food looks awesome, I will have to try that restaurant!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm from Winnipeg too!

  15. Yummmm. Love your food posts. Everything looks so tasty!!!

    I am also a Canadian blogger <3

  16. Yummy. I love Korean food. I make the best bulgogi and spicy samgyeopsal! So delicious, it's my favourite food to cook!

    The best Korean restaurant is in Ottawa... I'm drooling thinking about it.

  17. your food post always makes me hungry! ah korean food! now i'm craving for korean bbq!!!

    welcome back dear!

  18. mmm, that food looks great!

    xx raez


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