Friday, August 6

what are you grateful for..

i was supposed to publish an emo post regarding why i have been absent over the week, but i restrained myself and just figured that instead of focusing on that, i should just move on and make the most out of what is now and what i can do better today.

yeah, im trying to be a bigger person, so i hope you don't mind me being a bit more serious today. over the past few days, i realized that things will not always go your way and sometimes you just have to go with the flow. more often than not, you always end up in a good situation than you expected and through that you actually learn to appreciate your decisions more.

i was so prepared to rant about some personal stuff here and there, but i figured that there's no point of doing that now. what's more important is to be able to see pass through the negativity and lack of inspiration. i learned to be more grateful over the things that i have in my life right now like my growing wardrobe which i'm excited to wear this coming fall, the job that im looking forward to in a week's time, my wonderful relationship with the boyfriend or even just the fact that it's the weekend! you see, not everyone can have it as easy as that, right?

i feel like the world doesn't need all this negative energy. so yeah, i think the point of this post is to at least make you stop and think, even for just a few seconds, of the things that you are grateful for right now. and hopefully, you'll be able to grow a sense of appreciation towards them, whoever or whatever they may be.

P.S. i promise more outfit/fashion posts next week. for now, check out my chictopia!


  1. These pictures are stunning :) I'm sorry you had a rough week- but your strength is positively inspiring. Your good attitude is what counts :) I think you're absolutely right, too. I especially learned this year that you should ALWAYS do what YOU think is right and what you want, even if things aren't going your way, because in the end, good things WILL happen!!

  2. Lovely post and you're absolutely right! There IS way, way, WAY too much negativity in this world. I love your outlook and sometimes things just need to get worse before they get better :)


  3. Agreed. Over the last few days I've been setting myself short-term 'happiness' goals, little things I aim to achieve every day, and in turn, I feel much more positive, productive, and thankful for the beautiful things in my life that I do have. Lovely post. Note to self. Less of the ranty posts! =)Irish Love xxx

  4. "Happiness is a choice. It's a state of mind that only you can put yourself in, so find a way to do it!"

    "Think of the things that make you happy and do the things that make you happy... you'll be there before you know it."

    -My mom

    These photos are absolutely beautiful. They are sure to brighten a dreary day. :) I wish you well my dear! Keep up the positive thoughts.

  5. What a great post ~ it's always been my philosophy to live life in thankfulness and I love it when I see other people thinking about how important it is to be grateful. Yay for the deep&meaningful!

    I'm grateful that little things in life can still be good through the bad and I hope there will be lots of good things for you. ^U^

    Oh, btw, Hi! I found you from Selective Potential and I thought I'd stop by and say hello. ><

    b. of Depict This!

  6. i agree.... there is way too much negativity going on in the world and there needs to be a change!!!!! lovely post btw

  7. Awww... what a nice post. I do agree with you. There are days when I say to myself, wow, I am just having a series of unfortunate events but then there are still so many things that I am grateful for. =)

  8. Great post - very inspirational (your words and the photos). I do hope things get better for you.

  9. inspiring pictures! hahaha. and your previous post makes me hungry hungry and HUNGRY! =D

  10. LoveLOVEloveLOVEEEEEEE this post!
    Sometimes it's not even worth taking time to dwell on things of a negative nature.
    Sometimes it's just best to move on and look at the positive things in life.
    Appreciation for the small things in life will get you far, further than you may have even expected.
    <3 all the best!

  11. So well said..definitely Inspirational And SO TRUE..
    GOod luck for everythingu are upto and especially ur new job.
    nice weekend

  12. You are taking the right steps to get to where you need to go. Getting upset wont change what happenend of what lays in store for the future. We all have so much to be happy for. Beautiful post.


  13. I agree with you completely. It's no fun to get all worked up and write an entire post complaining about stuff. When you force yourself to think about the good stuff, write about it and put it out there you start to feel genuinely better.

    Such a good positive outlook! I wish you even more blessings :)

    B from A plus B

  14. Love the photos!
    Come follow

  15. thanks for the nice comment on my blog~ im following you now, love your blog~



  17. Its always good to focus on the positive because it is the only way we grow to change for the better. Remember life is 10% what happens to you and 80% how you react to it. :)

    (with that said) I have a ton of questions for ...and by a ton i mean two lol

  18. Great post, you are totally right it's all about looking on the bright side. Nice images too :)

    L x

    Half Dressed

  19. I've been trying to think more positive lately myself. It's better for you and everyone around you!

    I enjoyed looking at the pictures you found, esp the one of the couple in the city. :)~

  20. Love the photos, and your optimism when life handed you lemons. You're such a warm and friendly person, I hope, whatever the bad situation is, that things work out well for you. Big hugs! xx

  21. such a nice blog :) great!

  22. Great post girlie. Kudos to you for seeing pass the negativity and lack of inspiration... now if only I could do the same...

    Lovely photos btw!


  23. these pictures are beautiful ^^ and I have the bureau on that picture in black ^_^


  24. Beautiful photos!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, yours is great!
    Ella Jasmine

  25. What a Wonedrful and Beautiful post! So Positive and Inspiring!)

  26. i will do a online haul for i got some things so yea

  27. lovely lesson!

    the pics are awesome!



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