Thursday, August 26

something mongolian

today i felt like being a bit risque in my outfit choice by wearing a print on print ensemble. i was finally able to wax my legs so it gave me freedom to wear a skirt. plus, with the humidity back on the radar, i can't really see myself wearing tights or socks right now.

hello bra strap! hahaha!

outfit: jacob top, stitches skirt, celine pumps

for today's food tripping thursday feature, i wanted to share with you my experience in a new mongolian restaurant by corydon avenue called Kahan's Restaurant and BBQ Grill. last week, i called up my friend arianne and we decided to meet up after work to catch up and have dinner there.

now if you haven't been in a mongolian style restaurant, the whole idea is you get to pick your raw ingredients like vegetable, protein (meat/seafood), sauces and noodles. then you can ask for extra rice, egg or tortilla wrap on the side. and they cook whatever you combined in a big stir fry pan.

i personally liked the place. in as much as i've been to a better mongolian restaurant, Kahan's isn't that bad. our waitress was very accommodating and the food was good. i'd definitely go back!

Comment of the Day: Melai
Sybil! This is refreshing. You usually don't don blazers ala chic corporate but you absolutely look gorgeous! Mwuah! I will check that awesome site as well. :) I love positive vibes :)

aaahhh thanks so much!! i'm actually investing on cardigans, jackets and coats not just because of the cooler season coming up but also because my office building has the air-condition so darn cold! hahahaha! plus, i can get away with wearing sheer or sleeveless tops if i have something layered over them! :D


  1. Your skirt is so pretty, and I love your pumps! Haha I remember seeing one of those Mongolian places where people had the noodles piled up hecka high!

  2. that's hella dope they print your name on the spoon? (cutlery?). That also look delicious I like the idea of a freshly cooked meal and you get to choose the ingredients.


  3. Oh Sybil, that food looks so good! My tummy just smiled.. but now it's also hungry. I need to have dinner SOON! ha ha. I just made a friend today (in my fashion class) and she's from Mongolia! :) She moved to Maui two years ago after living in Chicago for two years prior to that. She's a sweet girl and I hope we get to be great buds.

    Well, I hope you're having a great work week. Back to work for me tomorrow. Bah! ha ha.

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. Ahh! I always love it when I see another girl pattern mix it up :) I would wear this in a second!! In fact, I'm pretty sure I've worn similar looks several times. I'm glad I'm not alone :) You are beautiful and your shoes are making me drool at my computer!

  5. i looovveee how you mixed those patterns! you look so pretty. :)

  6. oh yeah, it's way too hot for tights and socks right now where i live too. but i do love this skirt on you. and the food is reminding me that i need to go eat breakfast. yum!

  7. foooddsss <3 love your skirt the color is super gorgeous <3


  8. That is such a happy and sweet skirt:)

    ps: I hope you had a chance to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  9. Yummy food, love your skirt hun! : ) xx

  10. The food looks delicious! Great outfit too, the skirt is so pretty :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  11. Hope your new job is going well!! This outfit look completely professional.

  12. 1. yup i went to kawaii crepe. it's so cute! i like the diner style
    2. adore the print on print look

  13. mmm that food looks so good! i've never had mongolian food, but i'll have to look for a mongolian restaurant in the chicago area now.

  14. Lovely outfit :)

    new post from Paris on


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  16. nice outfit and cute heals. and your dinner is like a feast!

  17. well this has just made me mega mega hungry!! your outfit is goood i love the skirt and shoes especially xx

  18. wahh it's almost dinner time and i'm super hungry :) love the print mixing dear!

  19. Sweet outfit! Loving the mix and match of prints!

  20. ohh i would have loved that restaurant (: and you look very pretty, miss. your blog gives me a smile!


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