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since we're on the final stretch of summer, im trying my best to wear florals, bright colors and denim all in one outfit. the weather has been up and down.. from a sunny morning to windy afternoon to a chilly night. it's weird, im telling you..

don't you think this outfit looks a bit 90's?! i think i even made it more funky with my hair up and those chains. hahahaha! it's nice to exaggerate once in a while...

outfit: gap denim shirt, vintage romper, divi chain necklaces, aldo wedges, forever21 rings

anyway, just like my title says.. i need some skin care advice especially from those of you who have full time jobs and want to maintain looking fresh the whole day. let me tell you first that i have EXTREMELY oily skin so before you recommend anything, i hope you take that into consideration.

im currently looking for the following products:
1. facial toner that won't break me out
2. facial scrub & facial mask - drugstore brand
3. make up foundation - not heavy, won't break me out and affordable (also, i prefer a liquid one)
4. oh and what brush do you use for your foundation

i would really love it if you can recommend something to me.
thanks a lot!

Comment of the Day: Gazel M
Whaaat the heck. I love those tights.
Are those a recent purchase? I want spotted tights oh-so-bad.
One day let's do a food-tripping Thursday together, seeing as we're both from the 204 and all, haha. ;)

the tights were purchased a season ago. they were on sale for abou $3 too so i can't resist that! :) and i say yes for a food tripping adventure. we can meet up downtown after work, i want to try some the marcello's italian place there! :D email me if you're interested, gazel!


  1. I love your vintage romper. Florals are probably the best thing ever.....

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  2. CUTE! I love this look, but I would probably tie the denim shirt in the front-at the waist.

    I use Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Foaming Scrub. It wakes me up in the morning and then I use a simple Vaseline lotion and/or SPF so my skin doesn't get to flaky and dry. Afterwards, I only use Bare Minerals foundation and lip gloss. I don't wear much makeup. Hope this help!

  3. 1. cetaphil facial cleanser (day and night)
    2. neostrata smoothing cream (it acts as a moisturizer with a little exfoliation) after facial cleansers
    3. i use a toner from sephora -- you can also just use lemon
    4. exfoliate once every 2 weeks - i use CURE gel
    5. during my time of the month and i use it about once a week.. OXY cleanser.
    6. i use the mac foundation brush
    --all can be found in drugstores (except the mac foundation brush :P)

    order if going to use everything:
    -facial cleanser, exfoliate, toner, moisturizer

    no favorite foundation yet. i barely use foundation that's why. haha!

    my best routine so far and it did wonders i swear. :)

  4. hi dear! love denim and floral together! i don't wear any make up so i can't help you much :( i just scrub my face with the st ive's apricot scrub whenever i shower. wish i could help more!

  5. First of all, you look lovely. Second, I pretty much only use drugstore brands. I would recommend using Neutrogena oil-free acne wash, but only in the evening because otherwise it might dry out your skin (like it did mine). I was a little nervous about only washing my face once a day, but its actually great and has balanced out my skin well. At night I use their toner as well.

    As for scrubs, you can never go wrong with St. Ives Apricot scrub, I see it on best drug store scrub reviews all the time. They even have different kinds, depending on your skin type. I just use the regular one. And for a masque, I've used Queen Helene's Mint Julep masque for a few years. I really like it and usually apply it once a week. They have another mud mask that's good for winter too.

  6. everything's so well-put together, i LOVE this look! :D

  7. I like the way you tamed the flowers by using a plain overcoat.. =)

  8. I have oily skin too, and often have problems with it.
    A good brand to try anything from is Dr. Haushka.
    Especially the toner, and the normalising day oil.
    Also, weirdly, if ever you do have a breakout, a great thing to do is to just cover your skin in sudocrem before you go to sleep. It really helps.
    I use a mac liquid foundation, which is quite light, but I don't use a brush :)
    Also, a good concealer (again, if you ever have a breakout- I get them quite frequently :D) is the lavera concealer. All-natural, and slightly medicinal, and an anti-inflammatory!
    Hope this helps :)
    Bonnie xx

  9. love how you wore that chambray shirt as a jacket. and that's a pretty dress! lovely and lively colors!

  10. nice denim

  11. YOU look fab, love the4 denim here:) I use the Clinique three step system, LOVE IT!!!

  12. its ok if it looks 90s! i loove the 90s! cute smile sybil! mwah

  13. your outfit is so cute!!! the romper print is lovely!!!!! It looks really good with the denim!

  14. all of those look in one outfit <3 fabulous!!


  15. Love every single thing about this look <3
    hope to see u in my blog :)
    DaisyLine from

  16. Lovely outfit, I so can't wait to take florals into the fall season! I've seen some gorgeous dresses already. I lack make-up advice I'm afraid I suck with stuff like that! Hope you find something that suits you though :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  17. Hi I've been reading your blog for such a long time.

    Hmm... Skin Regimen... Why not try HumanHeartNature's products. It's made in the Philippines without any type of chemicals typically used by other brands. All their products come from herbal extracts. I've been using them for a few months now and it works well for me and my friend. All their items are made by Gawad Kalinga :). Its like hitting two birds with one stone, you'll have good skin, you'll help he poor and it's really cheap. Alright make that 3 birds with one stone lol:P. By the way their products are available online. Sorry I do sound like an advertisement but its really good I swear :D

  18. Nasagot ko na ata 'to? Hahaha.

    Facial cleanser ko yung St. Ives na Apricot. Dati ginagamit ko yung scrub once in a while to exfoliate pero hindi na ako nakakabili lately. Anyway so yes, St. Ives Apricot.

    Mga once a month ginagamit ko yung Life Brand na facial mask (yung white/green tea). But then again I'm lazy. :P

    Toner, yung Olay na Witch Hazel toner. I clean my face with that twice a day, pagkaligo tapos bago matulog. It's a good thing this has become a habit na, dati kasi lagi kong nakakalimutan. Mas kelangan to kasi nagme-make up ako sa work.

    Moisturizer, yung Clean and Clear na kulay orange yung bottle. It's light and absorbs really fast so matagal maubos. I use it after nung toner.

    As for makeup: If you want something that lasts all day, use Revlon Colorstay Active (yung nasa tube). If you want something light and blends really well (and kung willing ka mag-shell ng salapi), the Mac liquid foundation is good.

    I guess go for something na hindi oil base, pero ako kasi since I'm on-the-go and I am lazy, I use mineral makeup. Inexpensive mineral makeup that works? Try Loreal Bare Naturale (yung compact na me brush sa loob). Kung yung medyo mamahalin try bare minerals.

    I think one thing that helps a lot eh kung nagamit ka ng Mac Fix+. I use that after I put makeup on, or even without. And blotting film.


  19. Ohhh very 90's. I did a similar outfit like this back in July and loved it, so I'm so glad to see this outfit. Love denim shirts, but like someone commented above, it would look awesome tied up at the waist...or belted. Ahhh so many possibilities. Anyways, you look awesome.

    I use Kirkland brushes...bought from costco. They work really well and came with a travel brush kit which is perfect for well...traveling ahaha, and bringing makeup to school to touch up.

    I use Mineral Wear powder foundation. It's $16?? I think. It's not the cheapest but it last a long time and it doesn't make you break out. I used to break out really bad in high school so I bought that foundation and it really helped me not break out. Like even when I did break out, I would put it on, and it'd help my skin. It's really good and I've been using it for about 4 years now. I really recommend it.

  20. looking good! this is one of my fave looks of yours! very casual chic. and i love the 90s. :)

    i use loreal mineral powder foundation. but i heard revlon photoready foundation is good. but i havent tried it...

  21. Haha, I'll def. e-mail you.
    No skincare recommendations (I'm in the same boat as you are!) but I have to say -- I love your outfit!


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