Tuesday, August 31

online wardrobe

the cooler weather is starting to creep in and i wanted to have an installment of my online wardrobe series with some fall weather selections from some of my favorite online shops




River Island

Comment of the Day: Lily
Hi hun! I actually really like this outfit. It's a great "daytime" look that could easily be transcended into the night by substituting the cardigan for, let's say, a leather jacket? And a different pair of heels?
P.S. Your food pictures kill me! Every. Single. Time. *drool*

thanks for the tip!!! you just reminded me that i need to take out my leather jacket already!! aaahh!!! it's been in my stuck in my f/w closet. ooohhh.. can't wait to wear them jackets and coats!

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  1. hi
    how are u friend
    cool wardrobe i love those boots they are awesome cool
    nice collection of outfits they are very nice


  2. Oooh! I actually want to own EVERYTHING from this selection! Can I hire you as a stylist?

  3. Love these finds, especially the coat in the upper left and the bags......

  4. Hi! love those! are those your picks? if so, babe, you have great fashion taste! Anyway, if I were to choose among those, my pick would be those from Aritzia and River Island. Nevertheless, those are just gorgeous!

    following you :) follow me too?

    xx, Channie

  5. I am totally in love with Ruche...Have a fantastic day,sweetie

  6. Great Picks! Does River Island ship to the US?

    xo Lynzy

  7. so jealous of the cooler weather here in florida it is still pretty hoe. not as humid today though. i love all the stuff from topshop. i think a poncho for a desk job is awesome. i often wear my big scarfs more as blankets some days in the winter.

  8. I love the cape from Topshop!

  9. ahhmazing! perfect picks. I knew about shop ruche and topshop but not the others, I can't wait to check them out!

  10. Nice fall selections! I'm coveting the bags mostly, as I'm addicted to bags :-(

  11. Gorgeous pieces! Love the boots from Shop Ruche, bags from River Island and Warehouse, and just everything from Topshop!
    Getting me all excited for Fall...perhaps I'll have give up on my phone service for a while, and just go buy these?

  12. nice pieces but i am absolutely in love with the brown boots they're definitely fierce and i have to get my hands on a pair of those!

  13. i love all your picks! especially the brown boots & coat from shop ruche...absoloutely perfect for autumn/winter :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog/chictopia lovely! :)


  14. oh nice time for me to organize my wardrobe lol

  15. I was trying to pick a favorite and couldn't. I love all the looks you featured!

  16. i love the blazers that you chose, especially the bejeweled one. soooo lustworthy!

  17. Ahhh, goodies! I love goodies! That poncho from topshop is uber cute. :)

  18. really great picks, i absolutely adore the bags and shoes!

    xx raez

  19. Oooo I love that River Island blazer. I'm definitely excited for fall. I'm anticipating wearing ponchos and little booties and fur trimmed clothes. AHHHH! So exciting.

  20. impeccable taste Sybil! I really love all of your picks...this is very bad for my bank account! xx

  21. I love all these pieces, especially the Topshop ones!

  22. ok this post is giving me the urge to shop. fab selection! ruche is great stuff and the tweet coat is perfection. those boots are fantastic too! i also love the river island jacket.



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