Friday, July 2

three birds, one stone..

so here's the deal. today was packed with numerous activities so i want to forewarn you of the length of this post. i hope you don't mind me talking about a number of things today..

so this is my "im in a hurry to write all of these things in one blog post" face
first off, it is/was food tripping thursdays (depending on when you're able to read this)! today my family and i celebrate my graduation and my brother's bday. we invited a number of relatives and friends to come at buffet square for the double event. as part of food tripping thursdays, i'd like to share some food shots i took of the dishes we indulged in for lunch!

hungry yet?
next on the list? after eating at the buffet, i spent the afternoon roaming around the city. it was my first time to join in the crowd downtown since every canada day(for the past 4 years) was spent at the park with family and relatives.

first stop was osborne village where they closed down the street for some major partying. the younger, wilder and more experimental crowd can be seen here and the boutiques were having a no-tax event and some good deals along the street.

second stop was the forks market where they had the whole space filled with family friendly activities and more partying. as part of food tripping thursdays still, let me share with you photos of what we had after spending hours walking around the market.

poutine with cajun powder!
lastly, before i go, here's the outfit i had for today. during the buffet lunch, i had the striped top on since it was indoors and we were in an air-conditioned environment. the rest of the day, i decided to change into something cooler because the heat today was just unbearable. it was like the whole city was an oven toaster, seriously..

outfit: aritzia striped top, old navy top, joe fresh shorts, keds sneakers, forever 21 purse

this hat was a lifesaver!

special shoutout to Arianne for the camera used for all the photos in this post. thank you lots!!!

Comment of the Day: THE ALTERNATIVE WIFE
Oh I love them ALL!!! Happy Canada Day sweetie! :)

HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my lovely Canadian readers!! Happy Fourth of July to my American readers!! Have a great weekend, everybody! It's another new month, new beginnings! I want to stay positive and hopeful for this month!


  1. eh? you get a no-tax event on HST day??? noooooo. lol. i swear vancity is getting more and more expensive by the minute. x___x

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  3. hehe of course it makes me hungry then... ;p

  4. looks like good food and fun times! and no tax?! that's awesome!!

  5. hhm...
    that food looks good , yumm ~ :P
    cute hat !

    check my new post,

  6. Yup it made me very hungry:) That looks like fun:) Happy Friday,sweetie

  7. You look so cute and summery in both looks :) I love the pictures! And the food! I am drooling!

  8. looks like fun!
    great pictures :)


  9. No tax event!? OHH NOO, I missed out :( Paramix usually carries over their sales, guess I'll have to check it out today.

  10. Wow that was one colorful and tempting post!!

  11. Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun! :D
    And yes, that row of food pictures makes me hungry! AHAHA

    classique chérie

  12. Happy Canada day! A no tax event is definitely the best way to celebrate it! lol :))

  13. Happy Canada Day!!! Love the photos!!! It made me feel like I'm there with you!

  14. Thx for your comment!
    I'm happy that you love studs and my sandals!
    I also love food in the pic too!I love eat!!!


  15. i love high-res photos of food, especially the sushi!

    your hat is gorgeous dear.

  16. aww i love both outfits dear!! looks like you had such a fun day! even though i just ate lunch, i'm hungry again hehe!

  17. It sounds like you had such a brilliant day, your pictures are great! Love the hat you're wearing, very cute.

  18. omg can we please discuss those people in full-out animal bodysuits?? what is that about??

  19. happy graduation, dear! so does that mean you'll be part of the workforce now? hehe. you look cute in the straw hat!

  20. Great photos!! Looks like an amazing day! ♥

  21. I'm so hungry right now. RAWR! hhaha.
    Happy Canada Day!!

    I didn't even celebrate, I had to work, but I did wear red and white and walked around my house with a Canadian flag if that counts.

  22. I am so going to start celebrating food tripping Thursday. I always look for an excuse to eat good food and party haha. I love festival type things like this, looks like a blast!

  23. i am salivating right now from all the pictures of the food! ohh kawaii crepes? looks divine! have a great weekend too dear <3

  24. Super cute outfits!!
    The food... I DIE how amazing!

    P.S : You've been tagged on my blog :)

  25. Ooh this looks like it was a lot of food! I love buffets!

  26. sounds like you had a lot of fun ! mmm great food pictures . i want carrot cake now .. :3

  27. Wow. You have been busy. But it looks like good times.

  28. Canada Day looks so much fun! wish i was there :) thanks for sharing!

    Castor Pollux

  29. I love Canada, I was there last summer!
    I love your outfits especially the striped shirt!!

  30. i cannot believe i missed no tax day on osborne!

    soooo sad :(

    glad you had a wicked time tho! :D

  31. first time here love your blog, so many pictures to see :D

    hehe.. me from Malaysia :D

  32. I am now so hungry...hungry for a KAWAII CREPE!!! ^-^

  33. that hat is ADORABLE on you.


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