Saturday, July 3


i think having july 1 on a thursday slightly messed up my biological clock. for some reason, i feel like today is a weekday. baaaahh!! anyway, i was meaning to post this last night but i was just too exhausted to type and upload photos..

outfit: tee, kismet skirt, wetseal sandals, forever 21 shades

this shirt im wearing is actually the one i got from during their $10 tee sale. i got one for myself and one for my bf. i sent it to him by mail and he received it last tuesday. to celebrate our monthsary yesterday, we wore it together. i told him to take photos of it, but he hasn't sent them to me yet. hahahaha! i know, i know.. i'm cheesy like that. :p


i went to see avatar, the last airbender last night too. i was a little bit disappointed with the movie since the acting was crap and there were too much talking and less fighting scenes. if you don't watch the cartoon series, i think you'll have a hard time appreciating the movie as a whole. after that, we grabbed a bite by moxie's and we called it a night.

can i just say how completely exhausted im feeling lately. as much as i love this heat and humidity, it is draining me to bits. i have a couple of posts waiting to be typed and published, but i haven't gotten the energy to do so. i have even fallen behind in checking out blog posts and comments (sorry!).

Comment of the Day: Kookie B.
happy graduation, dear! so does that mean you'll be part of the workforce now? hehe. you look cute in the straw hat!

thanks! yes, i have been trying my best to get a job! aaacckk! it's been months and still no luck! hopefully with this new month will bring more opportunities for me.. :) i can't wait for the day when i can finally blog about a job i got!


  1. I love your skirt and the t-shirt idea sounds so cute! I'm also exhausted and am looking forward to going on vacation (sometime soon, I hope!).

    I saw The Last Airbender last night with my boyfriend (his pick!) and his friends. Although I like M. Night Shyamalan movies, I really didn't have an interest in this movie. Boy, was I wrong, I actually thought the movie was good. I've never read the books, but I think if they make another movie (for the series) I'd see it.

  2. Hey thanks for the lovely comment! Love your outfit!! Cute blog!! :] Follow for follow??
    HAvea great weekend!


  3. skirts and tshirts! skirts and tshirts! skirts and tshirts! and foood! I love this blog!

  4. oh threadless is awesome. and this post reminds me that i need to dig out my shirt from there.

    this outfit looks great on you! and that food is just to drool for!

  5. Threadless is amazing and I've never met a plate of nachos that I didn't like!!

    Follow me back?


  6. Cute skirt. Yummy food. Want, want, want!
    Nice post!

  7. What? Avatar the last airbender wasnt good? aww noooo! I had high expectations for this movie. But i saw the trailer already and Zuko looks nothing like the orig character. Oh well...

  8. hi:)
    tks 4 ur feedback on my blog!!
    funky skirt i like it!!
    enjoin ur weekend.

  9. Fabulous skirt! And yummy food -- my stomach's growling! xo

  10. aww! my bf and i have a threadless shirt together too hehe! we should wear it again soon :) hope you get some rest soon dear! i too have been drained from these past few days!

  11. FABULOUS SKIRT!!! super cute outfit woman :) ...but im sorry the movie was not up to par sometimes i find commercials and trailers put the best scenes on and when u actually watch the movie its sucha let down :(

    swing by my page when u get the chance and comment! :)

  12. u look nice and the food looks soo good that it made me hungry lol!!!

  13. yummyyy!! the food looks so good!
    And goodness you are so pretty! Love that skirt so much!


  14. so pretty! love the outfit.

    xx raez

  15. Haha, I know what you mean. I actually had to work still, so it was alright and I didn't really notice the difference that much.

    Btw, I love your skirt and your tee is adorable.

  16. Cute outfit, I love your skirt! Aww get some rest, I'm feeling just as drained as you are :(

  17. I love your skirt! And desperately want nachos now, thanks! LoL! :D


  18. cute skirt !


  19. i love your whole outfit :) and the food just make me...... hungry hehe. xoxo, Icha

  20. your blog always makes me hungry. i guess i'll order out now. hahaha.

  21. nice! i've been drooling over the food :9
    lookin cute and i really love your skirt and the sandals!

  22. hi dear how are you

    nice outfit
    you looks great

    hey i want to watch that movies

    thanks for review


  23. i really like this look !
    your skirt is so cute :)

  24. hey Thanks for your sweet comment! You have such a cute blog! Love it!


  25. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog :D You have such a lovely blog! I love the pattern on your skirt!


  26. lovely skirt.

    i was SO disappointed by avatar. i absolutely love the show, so the movie really killed it.

  27. love your shades. sorry that movie sucked! this summer is very disappointing on the movie front.

    get energized tonight--it's the 4th of july!

  28. Mmmmm nachos and a lot of my friends felt the same way with July 1 being in the middle of the week as well. Happy belated Canada Day girl!

  29. Cute tee! I've been admiring Threadless shirts for years, but still haven't got round to buying one yet!

  30. I know what you mean! I am job hunting right now and I can't wait to blog things like pay day or just job talk. Good luck to us both.

    I like your cute skirt and top knot! You look fresh!

    B from A plus B

  31. aaahhhh thanks for the review for The Last Airbender. At first, I was surprised to hear that Shyamalan directed this movie (this is not his thing) and I expected it to be a flop. And indeed it is!:p


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