Monday, June 7

taking it to the streets

nothing fancy today. i woke up, checked my email and saw that i got lots of hits from my outfit post yesterday, thanks everyone! i went out and got some packages mailed for the clothes swap. after that, i went to see my cousins and decided that i was taking the outfit photos to the streets! yay!

along the street

to the roundabout!

outfit: hollister shirt, greenhills skirt, jacob belt, sirens vest, keds sneakers

yay for milkbraids!

after seeing my photos uploaded, i felt like going to the carnival. the weather was great, i was in a good mood and i badly wanted some corndogs! hahaha! too bad, the red river exhibition doesn't come until next week. it's festival season and im hoping i can go this year with some friends since my bf won't be around.

red river ex 2009

Comment of the Day: Raquel
the first pictures is perfect!
anyway i like your white house with the black details or at least the small part we can see :) )
also, nice outfit!

hahaha!! and i bet you this will only be the part of the house that you'll ever see. everywhere is kind of a mess, you know! hahaha! my room in particular is slowly being taken over by my clothes. aha! which reminds me.. im doing my closet cleaning tomorrow!


  1. omg i love these outdoor photos sybil! the sky is just magnificent and the perfect backdrop to your cute outfit! i love the milk braids on you! i hope there's more of these street-outfit photos soon!

  2. such cute photos today. I love your little white accents like the shoes and the vest. You're really working that hair style too. Sigh wish I had long enough hair for that look

  3. ouch.super cute that moving photos.hehe:)
    cute outfit and your hair make me want keep my hair long back as im in childhood.hehe:)


  4. I love the milkbraids on you, they're adorable!

  5. So Cute! I love the pictures in motion!
    Also I LOVE milkmaid braids on you! Wish I could pull them off!

  6. nice outfit! and great blog!
    thanks for your comment!

  7. awesome photos! and very cute outfit! im digging the skirt ;)

  8. hey thanks for the great comment, im definitely rethinking my attitude regarding relationships right now hahaha

    you look cute and it's great to know wpg has been getting much deserved good weather

  9. Your pictures are so cute! I love the ferris wheel picture, it's so pretty.

  10. Ahh your pictures are so adorable! I love your outfit, the skirt and vest are especially cute :)

  11. SUPERCUTE outfit! Really love this. And aww, love the braids in your hair Sybil. (:

  12. oh pretty outfit! i love the moving photos :)

    Parade of Dresses

  13. I like your white vest. :)
    And I really want some corn-dogs too. :D

  14. Your photos are so cute! you have a great smile, and look lovely in that outfit :D


  15. so cute x

  16. Thank you for your sweet comments. You have a charming blog. I'm now an ardent follower via Google Connect. Would be honored if you followed my blog as well. xo. -Bella Q

  17. I get cravings for corn dogs too! haha! Love the gif! What program do you use to make it?


  18. The braids are adorable on you, and I love your smile! I'm also SO excited for the fairs and festivals that are coming! It's Brandon's Summer fair this weekend and I plan on going on every ride! Yay!

  19. You are so very adorable!!!! I love reading your posts because you are sweet and cute and cleaver. Love it!

  20. amazing pics and very nice blog! <3

  21. Your street is so cute, looks like you've had some nice weather too - lucky you!

    Love the outfit, very sweet.


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