Tuesday, June 8

don't call my name..

you know how you have one of those days when you feel like crap and you feel like you're not getting anything done.. feeling so unproductive and admittedly being frustrated in life? well, that's today for me. so i apologize for this post will be quick and short.

outfit: AA lace bodysuit, zara trousers, gojane oxfords, suzy shier belt

i've been pondering about things. and i promise to swing back to my cheery and more interesting self tomorrow. as for now, i leave you with lady gaga's new video for alejandro..

what are your thoughts??
it's another 9-minute music video, ftw!?

Comment of the Day: bubbs
I get cravings for corn dogs too! haha! Love the gif! What program do you use to make it?

i get the gif question all the time and just so everyone can make their own animated posts, you can all go to picasion.com. it's an online tool and easy to use. make me a happy kid by sending your gif images to my inbox.. :)


  1. omg!! thats exactly how i am feeling this very minute that i am typing this!! i am with you!!

  2. oh i can understand you, i have those days sometimes! however you look amazing!

  3. Gaga's video is amazing but I don't get it at all, as usual. :)
    Anyways, I love your lacy top!

  4. I love your lace top! Everyone has off days. :)

  5. i think i'm having one of those days as well.

    great top!

  6. Great post, just found your blog!!!

    D E G A I N E


  7. hi love!
    omg. have i ever seen you this sexy????? i like how you toned it down with a pair of trousers--nice!

    As for the video. I'm obsessed/perplexed/confused/enamored by her like everyone else. i like her new do!


  8. alejandro is my least favorite song from gaga...it doesn't really make sense (well i guess it makes the least sense out all her songs hahah), but the video is great as always :) she never ceases to amaze me!

    cheer up dear<3 it's okay though we all have our bad days! you're lookin' good in that lace body suit! i'm always an email away if you wanna talk<3

  9. Lace bodysuit, amazing pants. What's not to love. Wicked outfit.

    I have mixed feelings on the video. Love it overall, but I dunno, not my favourite.

  10. Oh, I love this black and navy combo! What a lovely unexpected mix.


  11. thanks for the post! wanted to see it badly!

  12. thx for ur sweet comment on my post , :)

    simple outfit but cool ! :D

    wanna follow me ? i'll happy if u don't mind .

    visit back anytime,

  13. Everyone is all about Alejandro right now, I think. I can't get the freakin' song out of my head. I haven't seen the video yet. Thanks for the link!

  14. I think everyone is entitled to one those days in their life..so you're forgiven :)
    hang in there! adore your lace bodysuit..

    eclectic du jour

  15. Love the lace bodysuit! Oh I always have days like that, but they always go away! I think it helps to have friends around you to make you feel better!

  16. Don't worry its just a phase! Hope you're feeling better today sweetie :)

  17. omg the lace tank is super cute :p

  18. Oh, Sybil. We all get that way sometimes, it's perfectly normal! But can I just say you look smokin hot in that lace bodysuit?! Wowzah. Haha. <3

    Cheer up, love! (:

  19. what a nice blog!
    I hope you'll find your smile soon..
    Thank you for the graphic suggestion!

    have a nice day :)

  20. Urgh, I wrote a long comment before but Google went out of service when I tried to submit it!>.<

    Anyway, I hope you're feeling better today, Love:) I've had those "rough" days when I feel like doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and just want to hate on everybody! hahaha.. I'm mean when I'm in a bad mood :p BUT, you definitely turned your frustration into a super cool look. I love how this outfit is dark and tomboy, yet sexy at the same time. And the wavy hair? even sexxxiiiieeerrr :)


  21. i love ur lace top veerrryyyy muucchh !
    hope you're feeling better now ! i've been having those dodgy days for awhile as well.. esp when i found out that my whole google acc was suspended for 24 hours !
    i was sooo afraid that my blog was gone forever..


  22. yeah those days can be quite frustrating! But, hopefully your day will be better! Lovin this outfit! Gosh I wish I could pull it off! I am still confused on the music video! It left me thinking,...WHAT?

  23. your blog is just fabulous, thank you for commenting! x


  24. I'm loving the top! I have a 3/4 sleeved lace top that I am dying to wear at some point... I'm just waiting for the right occasion.

  25. this look is so great on you! Love it!
    Same Page Notion

  26. Thanks for the sweet comment! Isn't that Gaga video nuts? I adore her.

  27. You look gorgeous... love your lace top. Hope you get back to the swing of things soon. xoxo

  28. love the lace! hope tomorrow is a better day :-)

  29. Feel better. <3
    I personally love the video.
    I read a bit up about it last night. Most people have agreed that the general theme is the church's relationship with the gay community - but it's a bit more deep than that. You should read up on it a bit, it was pretty interesting...
    xo flattery

  30. Hi thanks for your comment! I like your blog so, here is your new follower!

  31. you look great in the lace top, so lovely

  32. ohhh sexy tank top! Mmm haven't seen lady gaga's video yet, saw the stills and they look kind of creepy, so hasn't opened them at work yet lol

  33. uh, YEAH, i was feeling that way yesterday and earlier today!

  34. I really love that lace top babe :) Alejandro music video is fierce,sexy and gives me the creeps.she's getting more weird :))


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