Thursday, June 10

such pinkness!

did you notice how i have been wearing pink lately?! seriously, i have other colors in my closet but for some reason i always pick out the pink/purple ones.. actually, you know what?! erase that sentence. upon closer observation, i think i lack blues-greens-yellows in my wardrobe. sad..

hello lazy outfit!

outfit: gap sweater, garage leggings, keds sneakers, f21 purse, roxy cap

i went to the airport last night to welcome some of my relatives from the philippines who have decided to migrate here in canada.

the flight was delayed for an hour, what?!

my brother being silly

so in the continuing spirit of pinkness, today's food tripping thursday will feature pink food! hahahaha!

if you have any suggestions, ideas and articles that you want to be featured for Food Tripping Thursdays, feel free to email me at libys11(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Comment of the Day: Chloe Trayner
I love wearing dotted tights to spice up an outfit. It works everytime! I have a threadless tshirt that says real bear hugs are often fatal and I love it, definitely invest in one!

not only do i love dotted tights, but tights in general. i have a few more in my cabinet that i haven't used and with the weather here getting a bit chillier, i'm resorting back to them. oh oh and speaking of bears, i just got this funny but slightly morbid shirt from their sale today!


  1. Pink Popcorn :O ahhh that is the most amazing thing :O I will hunt high and low for pink popcorn aha. You loook so cute and gorgeous as always babe :D always look forward to your posts xxxxxxxx

  2. ohhhh my god the pink bento and pasta literally made me scream they are so cute!! adorableee

  3. Oh my, all that yummy looking food... *drooling*
    Your outfit is simple and cute!

  4. omg the pink popcorn looks so freaking good! like animal crackers...! eek! no worries i'm sending some blue over soon dear <3

  5. Cute outfit! The pink food is so adorable!

  6. you're cute in pink though so it's alright. and the pinky food just looks good and delicious. want them!

  7. I love all the pink food pictures!! so cute, thanks for sharing!

  8. i love pink!! great pics. love your hat girls :)

    stop by some time or maybe follow me

  9. Wow, that food looks too cool to eat!
    Cara from IFB

  10. I want your shoes! Those food are also making me hongreh! <3

  11. i seriously use to have this insane pink obession it was ridiculous i can't believe i was actually able to grow out of it lol you look too cute in your outfit! =]

  12. I want those meringues and that smoothie.

  13. Gah, pink pasta?! Haha. Dunno what it tastes like but it sure looks cute! (:

    And, aww, everyone's migrating to Canada. Le sigh.

  14. oh my goooood!! those pink food!! look so cute and yummy!!! you are on chictopia too, right? it's os nice to see you here darling!!

  15. Hahaha, I love pink since I was a child! and you look great in pink.. but the pink pasta is quite surprising for me. hahahha.

  16. yeaaaa for the pink !
    gorgeous :)

  17. you look lovely. And pink piggy lunch is so cute, I would just stare at it and not eat it! I wonder if pink pasta taste different!

  18. pink pink pink. i love pink!

    yayyy. fun post.


  19. I love your pink kick =) All of your pink food pictures looked delicious. I made pink frosted cupcakes last night. Maybe I am on a pink kick too?

  20. Love all the pink things, especially the piggy bento!

  21. You are so cute, and I love all the photos of pink. Purple is my all time favorite color!


  22. zara is sure quite something right? :)
    I am not a very pink kind of girl, but find myself wearing it a lot lately! also that shade of your sweater is so cute!


  23. I'm totally going to make pink popcorn now!


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