Friday, June 11

i am officially overwhelmed!!

ok.. so where do i even begin with this post?! there have been things going around me that i have to fix or else the opportunity might cease to take effect. i won't go into details but im quite ecstatic to share them with all of you.

1. i got a job offer yesterday, but it encountered some complications due to some ineligibility factors. i will know the final word on it on monday.

outfit: joe fresh top & belt, kismet skirt, shoebox flats

2. i went to a preliminary test today for this job i applied for 3 weeks ago. they called back right away and they wanted me to come in for an interview next friday.

going for the blue-gray-green theme

3. i received 2 packages in the mail today. one was an urban outfitters tee. and the other, i clearly have no idea yet since i've been running around the city this afternoon. i haven't had the time to open the box. hahaha!

4. im trying my hand out with diy-ing stuff. i started shredding one of my old tees. it's still in the works but this is what i have so far..

5. im cooking up a giveaway soon!!! watch out for it! and yes, i picked a random 143 number, hahaha! i know, call me weird but i think it's time i give my followers some love!

i promise you, i will have separate posts to update you with these things. i never thought i would be presented with these opportunities and projects all at the same time. i'm really not complaining. besides, this is the good kind of stress. for now, amidst the horrible rain outside, i wish good weekend weather for both you and i...

Comment of the Day: Jasmine
omg the pink popcorn looks so freaking good! like animal crackers...! eek! no worries i'm sending some blue over soon dear..

aaahhh thanks so much dear, can't wait!!! yay for awaiting package in my mail! you, guys, have to admit. getting something from the mail is quite addicting, yes? hahaha!


  1. Well done on the job offer!
    Hope everything goes okay :)
    Bonnie x

  2. aww hehe i got comment of the day :) anyway CONGRATS ON ALL THESE AMAZING OFFERS DEAR<3 you deserve them all and more! i hope they are good enough to have you hehe. good luck with everything<3

  3. congrats on all the job stuff! i'm on the job hunt to and things are looking up for me as well :) yay for us!

  4. I love your outfit. That skirt is beautiful!

    I hope you get the job!
    Ooo yaya giveaway.

    I love those photos. They scream summer!

  5. I love the color theme you chose, especially that adorable skirt and the socks! 143 isn't random - it stands for "i love you" :)

  6. good luck on the job. hopefully you get it!

  7. Love the skirt and the blue socks! Good luck on the job offers!

  8. I love your shoes/socks combo. Gosh, those bathing suits are cool!

  9. ahhh seems like theres a lot going on ur life rite now! so exciting

  10. Haha you can always borrow nail polish from your friends =D

    I really love your blog! Sorry, but I really want to be follower 144! ;D


  11. I love your outfit. the yellow belt is so cute.

  12. congrats for the interview girl, I hope you'll get the job soon :)

    thanks for dropping by...

  13. awesome!! congrats for the good news and good luck for the interview. love your outfit.

  14. I love your skirt very much!
    I hope you'll get a job! ;)

  15. haha now that i'm home, my mom witnesses all my packages coming on an almost daily basis. she thinks i'm just doing a lot of online shopping and is lecturing me on saving money. :P
    good luck with your interview and all the job searching!!

  16. Congrats on the job offer. Well done indeed. Take it all in and do what feels right ok?! Also, I am looking into getting in on that swap thing you do. Ideas?

    Enjoy the weekend :)

  17. Good luck with the jobs! I order jewelry supplies online all the time, and I am soo addicted to getting packages now. haha, I just love having something to open everyday.

    p.s. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! :)

  18. so rad, good luck with the jobs and that awesome shredding!

    xx raez

  19. Congrats on the jobs! That's always exciting. And those bathing suits are amazing! Thanks for showcasing them.

  20. cute outfit! love the skirt!!! and loving ur diy shredded tee... ive tried this before and i gave up! :(

    xoxo jenna

    ps: would love u to drop by anytime! :P

  21. Cute skirt!! I love the colors and the pattern.

  22. omg 143 already? amazing congrats girlie!! :)

  23. that skirt is so cute! i love the print of it.


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