Sunday, May 23

Hey Canadians!

so i went to the mall today and found some cool deals in bluenotes. i'm not sure if it's available in the us, but i think it's like our version of american eagle. normally, i wouldn't be so hyped to go inside the store, but i saw major deals that i couldn't pass up on.

if you're looking for some summer tees, they have this huge section of $5 ones. i picked out my favorite ones from their site.

i also saw one of the cheapest denim rompers around the mall in bluenotes. i've been trying to look for rompers for this coming summer and for $15, i think that's not too shabby, yes? now, i might go back to get one for myself! hahaha!

aldo and spring shoes are having free shipping as well. you might want to take a look at their clearance/sale section.

these pastel pumps from aldo are below $40 and the wedges i have myself are only $41.

aaahhh.. going to the mall isn't always the best thing to do on a lazy sunday afternoon!


  1. Oh I'm such a sucker for tees lol. Those black wedges are to die for! :)

  2. omg wen did bluenotes get cute stuff? i feeel left out

  3. It's fun to go to the mall but it can be depressing when you can't get everything (I've talking about me now...) Ha. But the rompers are seriously cute, I want one!

  4. ahh! those rompers are SO cute!! get them!!! :) they'd look adorable on you!

  5. I'm dying to try out a romper - but somehow I really don't think it would suit my shape, unless I found a way to seriously cinch the waist (but something tells me I'm better off just not going for it, altogether).
    Glad you had a good shopping day! :)

  6. That first shirt is too cute!

  7. Yep, the mall is usually my wallets worst enemy. Especially when it is full!

    But I would have to say that I would gladly be broke for one of those denim rompers! Good find!

    B from A plus B

  8. haha going to the mall is always horrible for me since my wallet automatically empties itself. now i try to go with as little money as possible, but then again my card doesn't help at all. sigh.

    i'm loving that t-shirt with the printed necklace though, and get that romper! it's such a good deal :)

  9. loving the tee's, and the wedges =)

    stop by our fashion blog, we are giving away designer glasses. we hope you love it!

    xx .sabo skirt.

  10. Oh my God, we have the same taste in shoes! Those two pastel pumps were in my Aldo shopping cart for the loooooongest time and I'm still waiting for them to go down in price :p


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