Thursday, January 28

something new

i just finished posting my outfit pictures in chictopia and i mentioned there of how i've been in such a fashion rut lately. i don't want to bore you with those things so let me just share what i wore today.
outfit: sm jacket, people are people shirt, divi skirt, garage leggings

basically went to the mall today to pick up some stuff in sephora. also the gap is having some sweaters on sale (below $10), so if you're living in a cold place like i am, now is the best time to go! :D

oohh.. and remember what i said about redoing my nails from the last post? well, here they are right now!!!
how to get polka dots? just use a toothpick to make 'em!

on other news.. apple launch it's newest gadget yet! i know some of you have seen or heard it on the news so without further ado....

i dont really care much about my gadgets. i don't take sides when it comes to the windows-mac battle, but this actually looks good. i know of a couple of people who has clearly bashed this new thing, but i think it's quite amazing. love the fact that it's compact and has a big screen. but i must say that it's quite pricey. still, i have to applaud apple for impeccable design and marketing strategies! more info here.

what do you think?


  1. Your nails are sooooo CUTE! ^^

  2. This iPad thing is amazing!

  3. I'm sorry you're feeling a fashion rut. I love your nails, they're gorgeous!

  4. cute nails... fashion rut? me ganon... haha.

    i don't care much for gadgets... i only have my camera and laptop. ^^

  5. Lovely nails!! I always love apple products even though I have

  6. Fun Nails; it so so cute!

    Ipad might be another gadget but if it work as well as explain such a practical one!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  7. Polka dotted nails??!! I love them! What a super idea!

  8. lol! everyone is talking about the iPad! i don't know how i feel about it yet...i have to wait and see, but it is pretty cool and very futurisitic!

    and i'm sorry about your fashion rut :( it really does suck, but i'm sure you'll get out of it soon dear because we all go thru it and we all get out of them in the end!

  9. Hahhahah! I have the same nails last week!

    It can be hard at times to find something to wear esp when its freezing outside, mostly I just want to stay in bed---if only.


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