Tuesday, January 26

brunch date

hello everyone. after staying indoors for a couple of days (due to the blizzard here in the peg), i was finally able to go out today. my friend went to toronto last weekend and of course we had to catch up. we went for brunch today and spent hours talking about career, love, toronto and everything else. hahaha!

since the blizzard, the weather has not been good here so forgive the repeat outfit. clearly, i've been on a rut with this whole winter weather that i'm so lazy to dress up nicer and chic-er.
outfit: old navy dress, AA scarf, sirens boots, garage leggings, dynamite gloves
check out my chictopia post here since i got deleted in the gallery again.

we went to perkins restaurant since it was nearby, they had all day breakfast and she had coupons!

i don't know about you, but i love eating breakfast. given that i am able to wake up early enough, i try my best to eat that morning meal. whether it's a traditional filipino one with rice or the westernized one with pancakes, i just love eating that heavy meal to energize me throughout the day.
haha! im so happy!

mine: banana pecan pancakes, sausages, scrambled eggs, diced potatoes

hers: chicken in biscuits, scrambled eggs, dice potatoes, bacon

nothing better than hot choco for -30 degree weather

after hours, we were finally done!

she was so kind to treat me for this 'date'. thanks dear!!! :D
if you're completely into cameras (especially film ones)
you should check out her blog.

before going home, we took continuous shots of the two of us! i was running towards the camera since i was afraid it would be blown by the wind! :D

that's about it for today. im off to cleaning my nails. must repaint them!
and ok.. starting february, i'll be rediscovering my closet to really make my outfits vary. it's just been so gloomy, cold and snowy here, it's not fun anymore!! i have so many new goodies, yet i don't feel like wearing them out. my mood's been really low and down lately.. oh well..

hope you're having a good week! :)


  1. Love your dress and scarf !! Your brunch looks nice :D

  2. Mmmmm foooooooooooood. Hehehe, you should know better! DON'T POST FOOD WHEN I'M AROUND. Gosh your posts always make me so happy (and hungry)! You two look too adorable <3 xo

  3. you are a DOLL. i'm loving that scarf!

  4. heart the outfit and that breakfast is making me SO HUNGRY!!!

  5. hey dear, i just found your blog. i'm glad i did!!! another filipino blogger? yay! and wow! the food looks yummazing! how i miss tapsilog or tocino for breakfast. =)

    following you!


  6. your animated pictures are always too cute! =] lol all that food looks amazingly scrumptious!

  7. omg yummy looking food!! seriously drooling right now ahahaha!!

  8. breakfast foods are my all time fav, i could eat them all day everyday! lol

  9. omg food porn. looks so deelish! love the color on you!

  10. cute blog! love your header and your shoes!

  11. finally!!ok I'll link u dear...

  12. gahh i love potatoes in the mornings<3 mm hashbrowns!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been in a rut with all this cold-weather clothes too :( i cannooot wait for spring!!!

  13. The food pics look divine and u look super stylish hun!!! Mwah xx

  14. Cute outfit and cute photos! x Sushi

  15. craving that breakfast. just woke up. sick of croissants, sick of espresso. i want THAT breakfast. mmmmm!


  16. this is such a cute! look. love the purple. definitely chic!

  17. ahh i haven't had breakfast/lunch yet so these pictures are making me drool! i love the color of that old navy dress on you, it's perfect with your scarf :)

  18. hello cute lovely girl who lives in the same city as us! don't feel bad about repeat dressing, you look so darling. all i wear these days is jeans and grey raglans. there is no one to impress at school....
    oh god i wish i had chicken and biscuits right now mmmmmmmmm

  19. Regardless of the temperature outside, you sure rocked that cute dress of yours!

  20. i love the color of your dress! and the snow!
    and you make me hungry! haha xD

  21. Omigod, YUMMY! I love a good breakfast/brunch. And your outfit, again, I love it.

  22. The gray is so pretty with the purpley-pink! And your smile is gorgeous!

  23. omg! that breakfast looks SOOO good!!!!! mmmmm!!!

  24. haha! i love the last animated photo - you make me wanting to go for breakfast at this hours, haha! xx

  25. That is one enormous plate of food! I'm not really enjoying the cold weather either.

  26. thank you for commenting and browsing my blog :D!! you are so sweet and you always look so chic. :) and i will try to fix my comments link where it is on the bottom instead of the top hahaha. :) i hope i get more followers hehe, would you like to follow me? (i hate to ask, i'm so embarrassed lol..but for some reason i can't get any followers) :(. i try to post interesting stuff about fashion...but i guess mine's just not that great lol. :) anyways i'm sorry for such a long comment. love your outfits girl!! :):)

  27. ...mmmm, breakfast. You're making me hungry:)

  28. The breakfast looks so good! :) btw thanks for adding me to your links! And for following as well :)

  29. the only thing that gets me out of bed is morning is the fact that i'm about to eat breakfast, best meal of the day, and that looks so yummy


  30. I always leave your blog feeling hungry! Currently craving scrambled eggs, hash browns and sausages now, mmm...

    You and your friend are too cute!




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