Friday, December 25

White Christmas

whoaah!! who thought we weren't gonna have enough snow for the holiday season!? today was crazy!!!! the snow was just insane, i tell you. blowing snow and gusting winds. of course, amidst all that, im still crazier to actually take outfit photos outside! hahaha!
more photos in chictopia

today, it was another stuff-your-face-with-calories day. i went to a bigger family gathering to eat, watch filipino tv shows, give away and receive additional presents and catch up with relatives that i only get to see twice or thrice a year.
there was so much food! gaaahh!!! i just know i totally gained gazillion more pounds in the past 2 days because of all this feasting and celebrating.
oh and it's always nice to hang out with the babies of the family. the holidays is really for them. whenever i think of christmas, it's always fun when you have kids getting giddy over their gifts. aawww...
as i mentioned, i got more gifts and money! woohoo!!!
i already started a bit of my boxing day shopping at the forever21 site. if i don't see any good deals tomorrow, im better off ordering stuff online. hahaha! im on the look out for boots, gloves, a lipbalm and some undergarments. i hope for the best! :D

thanks for the warm wishes y'all!!! stay safe and spend the last few days of '09 happily!


  1. aww it looks like you had such a wonderful christmas dear!! <3 have fun shopping tomorrow!!!!!

  2. Looks like you had a lovely time with your family!

  3. Lovely family meeting, and good food thet it's important. In spain we also have " Noche Buena" (the same name as in Philipines, it is funny ; )


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