Monday, December 21

shoe lust

aaahhh!!!! aldo is my target for boxing day!


  1. ahhhhh i am in the search for the perfect pair of oxfords too! i almost bought a pair from urban outfitters, but i was a bit worried about the quality since the sole was quite thin, but these aldo ones look promising! i will have to check out this store soon too (:

    is boxing day like black friday for us in the U.S?

  2. yes.. exactly like black friday! :D

  3. perfect picks, sybil! i love all three shoes!!! go get them and post your outfits with them ;)

  4. hey great job with the blog, i'm adding you to my links :)
    Also I love the last shoes especially, although I'm not sure about going out boxing day - too crazy!

  5. Oxfords! Holy!!! I want one too.

    Did you check out Aldo recently? Itel bought boots for 35 bucks for her Secret Santa thing. It looks decent.

  6. Luv ur picks!! Hope u have a very merry christmas xx


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