Sunday, December 20

dimsum sunday!

i just know this blog is gonna turn into a food blog one day.. just you wait. hahaha!

anyway, today the whole family decided to drop by the mall and finish off some last minute christmas shopping. baaah!!!! the malls are too crowded. i think im better off ordering things online or something. the deals are great and all, but im still not fully recovered from my cough and colds so the massive crowds in each store are just too much for me. after an hour or so, we got out and just ate dimsum for dinner! yay!

outfit: coat - sirens, tights - payless, scarf - AA, socks - sm, flats - joe fresh

pork dumplings!

seafood deluxe dumpling

shark's fin (YUM!)


  1. omg this post is making me drool :(

  2. cant never get enough of dimsum!!!!!! i agree with the crowded malls pre-christmas day. gives me headache!!! :(

  3. hey babe! LOVE the food pics! i won't mind if you put more of them up! haha. ;)

  4. Hello hun!! Luv ur blog, im going to link u! Look forward to more posts : ) Hope u had a good weekend and have a merry christmas xx


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