Wednesday, December 23

rest in peace, lolo

i love you, lolo!

the last time i saw my grandfather was on may 2008. i still remember this picture very well. at that time, he has already been bedridden for about 3 years. lolo really sat up to have this picture taken with me. i've always known him to be that sweet person, who always took care of us, his grandchildren. he never failed to make jokes and he was always asking how i was doing with school, friends and even my lovelife.

no words can express how much i love and treasure this person so much. i wish i can be back home to see you for the last time. i'm quite relieved that you're in a better place now so that you won't feel any pain anymore. say hello to ninang for me, ok?


  1. oh sybil<3 i do hope you're doing well! he looks so cute and sweet as you've described!

  2. He is possibly the most adorable Grandpa I have ever seen <3 I'm glad he's in a better place now... I'm glad to see that you're coping well.

    xoxoxoxoxoxo tons of love!


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