Wednesday, December 23

Christmas Party

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, parties have been springing here and there. Last night, I went to my student group's celebration for the holidays. We gathered in a small intimate Italian restaurant. Food, games, prizes and karaoke! YEY! It was nice to see everyone in the group again. I have been too busy this semester that I rarely had the chance to see and hang out with them. Fun night! :D

outfit: scarf - AA, blazer - dynamite, skirt - old navy, tights - ardene, belt&shoes - joe fresh


karaoke all night!

cheesecakes (haha!)

dinner yummy!

Merry Christmas!!!

There are too many pictures to post. I'm just picking out some so as not to flood you too much!

photos courtesy of Arianne Solis

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  1. oh my goodness the food looks amazing! love that picture of you karoking :) you are so cute!!!


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