Monday, December 28

my extended boxing day

i was supposed to blog this awhile ago, but when i got home today, i went immediately to forever 21's site and looked around. and well, yeah.. i ended up buying something. oopps! i also contacted my lovely friends online and asked if they wanted to get something in there. so basically for hours, we were shopping online and ended up getting a bunch of stuff. hahaha!!! we were discussing how materialistic we've become this holiday season. tsk tsk.
outfit: dynamite tunic, AA leggings & scarf, sirens boots, winter jacket
(i literally had 5 mins to get ready to hit the mall.)

anyway, let's go on with the post.. here's my lovely goodies for today!!!

1. Aldo wedge oxfords. oh goodness, i've been eye-ing this for a week already and i thought they were going to have a discount on boxing day but alas i had to pay for the full price for them, but i'm not really disappointed. i love them so much! i can just stare at them. hahaha!
2. Carmex lip balm. since my lip balm was running low already, i searched for a new one. i had a wide range of choices from MAC, Sephora and The Body Shop, but i ended up with this cheapo drug store brand since there were good reviews on it, plus i needed something practical and not really 'flashy'. also, since i spent quite a bit on my shoes, i opted to spend less on this. teehee!

3. Forever21 wool blend coat. a little bit of an impulse buy, but then, i think i need another coat so that i won't overuse the black one that i have. hopefully, i got the right size and this will be thick enough. i can't wait to get it though since it's something blue (and i don't have many blues in my closet).

my friends got other jackets too, some scarves and accessories. i'll post them up once i get them in the mail. aaahh... going online and in the mall is just pure temptation. but i told myself that i think i deserve them. it's christmas time, i just finished my degree, i haven't bought anything from my paycheck and my bday's coming up next month. those are pretty good reasons, right? hahaha! oh my justifications..


  1. aww sybil! you totally do deserve them! :D yay for getting some blue into your closet! i'm so jealous that you got TWO pair of oxfords this christmas :( i cannot wait to see them on you!! wee!

  2. i love that scarf from aa! definitely want to get it some time in the future.

    and those aldo wedges are adorable


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