Saturday, December 26

the madness that is boxing day

being the bargain shopper that i am, i have been so accustomed to bazaars and bargain centres back in the philippines. and it's quite hectic back there. today, here in canada, we had our annual boxing day (for people in the US, it's like your black friday). major big box stores slash down prices of their merchandise and malls open earlier than usual. i bet you the crowds are not as crazy as in the philippines or in the states, but today was rather an experience for myself and my boyfriend.
bundled up and ready to go!

woke up at around 5am and the boyfriend told me that we might not push thru. it snowed so heavily last night that the roads haven't been cleared and it was going to be too hard for his car to go around the city. after some rationalization(since we were up already and he really wanted to get the deal with the PS3 in future shop), we decided to venture out and brave the piles of snow. we got in the store 15 minutes before opening and the line up was pretty long already. those 15 minutes seemed like forever when you're just outside with -20 degree celsius wind chill. waaah!
finally we were able to get in the store and people went all over the place. since i wasn't eye-ing for anything electronic or gadgety, i just went straight to where all the ps3 systems were and got one for the boyfriend.
lining up for check out was a long long long wait. but i guess, it was worth it for him. look at that happy face. hahahaha! mind you, i also got him a 2GB RAM this christmas. oh goodness, boys and their gadgets (i have to agree with hautepursuit & luvjess)...
so, after that we went home to get breakfast and we ended up going back to sleep. we woke up at around noon and headed straight to the mall. i wanted to look into a couple of things: shoes, lipbalm, leather gloves and undergarments. i was able to get the gloves and bras on sale. as for the shoes & lipbalm, they weren't really on sale so i told myself to just get them at a more convenient and 'peaceful' time. the line ups in the stores were insane and since those two things didn't have discounts on them, i'd rather go back to get them at another time.
let's not put undergarment pictures, hahaha!

all in all, i would say today was a success. i wasn't able to buy much, but then again i received so many clothes this christmas, plus im still waiting for a couple of things in the mail (online stores) so i think i pretty much got what i wanted in my wishlist. :)


  1. Hey babe! Happy boxing day! I stayed at home this year...I did enough pre-boxing day damage on the 24th hehe. I can't believe boys are so crazy about their gadgets!!! I heard that future shop had all of their boxing day prices online on the 25th....

  2. I pretty much stayed hiding in my house ;) Gosh, I go completely psycho over gadgets as well... I suppose I blend in well with the guys! Love those gloves super sexyyyyy <3!!

    Glad you had so much fun and had a sucessful shopping trip!
    -xo Jess

  3. Looks like you had a great shopping experience! lol! At least you were able to get some of the things you wanted!


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