Thursday, November 18

Charlee's Lounge

a couple of weeks ago, a couple of my friends and i ended up looking for some new place to eat out on a saturday night. one of them suggested visiting this lounge that featured a local band playing that weekend. at first we really didn't know where it was but after calling up someone, we did safely find the place (185 Stadacona Street).

we went to charlee's and it's this relatively new place, which i believe is owned by a filipino couple. it's located at an odd area in the city (situated in a random residential area) so at first, i was skeptical if it would be a good place to hang out.

i can tell you that the place is small and it's probably not the most commercial in terms of interiors and set up, but what i really loved about it is the relaxed vibe inside. plus, my favorite part would have to be the live band they had every saturday night. it kind of reminded me of how i used to hang out at acoustic bars back in the philippines when i was in high school. hahaha!! so nostalgic and fun!

i can definitely see myself going back there. it doesn't have the intimidating vibe of chain restaurants nor does it have the loud & chaotic atmosphere of a dance club. i just love that it's just between and i can just hang out there on a lazy saturday night, catching up with friends.


  1. Looks like a stunning place hun! xx

  2. that food looks mouthwatering!



  4. all that food looks so yummy xxxxx

  5. this seems like such a great little place to hang out and just relax. live music is always nice and the food doesn't look so bad either! :)


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