Sunday, October 3

epic win, massive fail?

with the whole whirlwind of a weekend that i had, i haven't quite gotten around to uploading personal photos from the party i attended and the things that i've been doing but rest assured, i will get to blog on them once i get the time to collate my photos and stories.

in the mean time, i'm having this scheduled post for you to view, while i'm busy facing adulthood and working. hahaha! i received another one of those newsletters in my email from daniel footwear. apparently, they're featuring juicy couture right now in their site and i saw some of their pieces from the f/w collection.

what do you think, guys? i think juicy couture is one of those brands that you don't know whether to love or hate. sometimes, they do have nice and fancy accessories (like that bag down there!!!), but on the other hand some of the items i've seen from them before have been quite tacky.

Juicy Couture Shoes: have a favorite pair? Let us know!”
so what do you think of this collection? epic win or massive fail?


  1. i love the campaign but the stuff ? not for me ! ehhee love ya sybil

  2. I have to say I LOVE THE BAG. The shoes aren't exactly "me", but they are quite adorable and really distinct :)!

  3. Oh I know what you mean, Juicy Couture always looks so tacky to me. Especially when girls wear their Juicy Couture velour sweatshirts and sweatpants with Uggs. That's the absolutely worst. But I think they're trying to raise the standards of their brand and reach out to more customers.

  4. that´s Lisa Cant, isn´t she? she´s lovely! i just made a post about her some days ago ^_^

    hope you have a nice day!


  5. I am totally smitten with the top pair of boots:)...I need to get a new pair:)
    Happy Monday,sweetie

  6. The thigh high boots look acceptable. Everything else is kinda borderline. Some people might love it, some might not. Depends who's looking at them I guess. IMO, its not crazy awesome.



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