Monday, September 13

what to wear?

when trying to figure out what to wear for work the following day, i sometimes catch myself toning down my outfit. i don't know why, but i feel a little bit awkward when i find myself wearing all these dressy outfits and the people i get into the elevator with are just in casual pants and runners.

case in point: this outfit. originally, i was supposed to wear a crisp white shirt and a blazer with this skirt, and extend those pink socks to make them knee highs. but i ended up chicken-ing out and resorted to wearing it with my cropped tee (tucked in) and this black cardigan. i also scrunched up the pink socks to an ankle length.

outfit: old navy cardigan, tminx cropped tee, aa full woven skirt, sirens boots, betty johnson socks

hmm.. there are days when i feel like experimenting more, but not today. i went with the more conservative and casual choice. maybe one time i'll really try the original ensemble i had in mind. teehee!

how about you?
what did you wear today?

Comment of the Day: Adrienne
Haha, you are so cute! Great outfit!
For making clothes work year-round, I tend to wear a lot of tights (at least for fall, winter, and spring) - that seems to give me access to skirts and shorts that I wouldn't be able to wear otherwise.

yes yes!! that's so true! tight, leggings and socks are the answers to the cooler weather here. im not very fond of jeans so if i can still manage to wear just tights or leggings out, i will.. teehee! :D


  1. I really love your outfit! The socks scrunched down in those boots look so cute, and I love your t-shirt and skirt!

  2. loveee your shoes and the socks. So cute! You look perfectly casual!! I love that top!

  3. This is too adorable :) I know what you mean, now that I'm working in a law firm, it's a bit different! I have to see what's conservative enough, I can't wear a lot of things I loved to wear before. I never even realized how short some of my skirts/dresses were. Whoops! It's odd how a different environment really forces you to rethink your day-to-day wardrobe. I say that this outfit is a perfect mix though, it's got it's casual aspects and it's dressy aspects that make it an amazing blend.

    Miss you tons! I thought I should drop a word since I haven't been "present" in the Blogosphere for so long. Love love love and always supporting you!

    xo Jess :)

  4. haven't seen your blog for ages!! gosh miss your blog!! and love this outfit so much


  5. Love your cute outfit...let them think what they want:)

    Statements in Fashion

  6. I should really try out the boots and socks look...Looks adorable on you,sweetie

  7. Love your socks peeping out of your boots : ) xx

  8. you look great in this outfit! i love the boots with those pink sweet looking socks. plus love the contrast on the colorful tee! :)

  9. Great outfit, I love the pink socks poking out from the top of your boots :) All I've worn today is a works uniform and PJ's Booo :(

    L x
    Half Dressed

  10. Wear what you feel like! the other peeple who dress too casual probably have no style to begin with:P part of the fun of getting up for work is dressing up, embrase it. And as mentioned before the socks look way cuter rolled down and peeking out:)
    (oh and I know my spelling is terrible!)

  11. Loved this look when I saw it on Chictopia. Still love it now :-)

  12. I totally agree! I would rather wear thick wool tights and a skirt in winter than jeans! haha!


  13. These all out fits are really very adorable. Here all these socks which you can share is great these all are looking really very cool.
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  14. aww yeah i think it does take time to build that comfort and confidence to wear what you really want in a new workplace, but i'm sure you'll get there :) you look so lovely! i still really really want that skirt!

  15. Nice blog, I like your style!

  16. Cute outfit!!!

    -Weezy from

  17. I know exactly what you mean!! I try to alternate days between being dressy and casual so that people don't bug me too much about it. It's so odd isn't it to be bugged about looking too nice haha

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