Friday, September 17


wow.. i actually have that as my title. this week went by so fast, don't you think? im just thankful the weekend is here again!

outfit: suzy shier jacket, old navy tank top, forever 21 harem pants & shades, aldo wedges, gifted scarf

as you can see in these backyard photos, we have our recycling bins out today. but aside from what's obvious, it's also payday, which means, i have to pay my bills! aaahhh!

i haven't been doing much shopping since im trying to save up for my trip on october. hopefully, i'll be able to get much better things since they have forever 21, zara and h&m there, unlike here in my city.

of course, i still decided to treat myself and i finally got a foundation. after much research online and in youtube, i finally opted to get revlon's colorstay foundation (for combination/oily skin). let's see how it will fair on my super oily skin.

has anyone tried this?
for those with oily skin, what foundation do you use?

Comment of the Day: Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes
Loving that blazer! Can't believe it was $5!!!
During the colder months I drink a lot of tea and hot chocolate. and pumpkin and gingerbread lattes. yummmmm. :)
When will you be making a trip to Calgary?

ooohhh.. gingerbread latte sound really good. hhmm, im gonna try that sometime. as for my calgary trip, im going there for the thanksgiving long weekend! can't wait! :D


  1. I love the scarf with this outfit. Really pulls the whole look together :)

  2. cute scarf!!

    i've got combination skin and it's hell finding make up! but for now i'm content using bare minerals matte foundation. it holds better than anything else i've tried it doesn't keep the oiliness away the whole day, but what does really? haha

  3. I really like that scarf, and your jacket and shoes are cute! This whole outfit is lovely! Haha I think I've used TGIF for one of my post titles before! Oh I know searching for makeup can be so trying, it's kind of like looking for jeans. You try like a million before you even find the right one. Luckily I went to a makeup counter and had them help me. I use one of Clinique's foundations...well actually I use almost everything Clinique just because I love their brand.

  4. nice scarf!! and i don't know why i never got bored seeing you wearing the same harem over and over again, and i love the way you mix your pants with different tops! you are awesome <3


  5. So love your outfit hun! : ) Have a lovely friday xxx

  6. Those harem pants are a true gem. Like... seriously, I don't like harem pants but the pair you're wearing is an exception :) Btw, do share your thoughts on that REVLON colorstay foundation. I'm not a foundation girl because they tend to cake on me (I have a weird skin!)

    ps. I finally had some time to go through my closet and found a couple of cardigans that you might like for swaps :) I'll send you the pictures over the weekend. Sorry for the delay :(

  7. I have yet to find one I love (foundation) I am using cover girls clean make up in oil control and it is not thaaaat fabulous. Let me know how you are liking the revlon:)

  8. the shoes are so great! :)

  9. ok this look is absolutely awesome u look great my dear love it to pieces

  10. you pull off the harem pants wonderfully! great shoes too! xxo

  11. Your outside shouts Autumn at me! I love it :) Esp with the shades :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  12. In LOVE with your harems!!

    CUte outfit!

    Have a Fashionable Weekend:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  13. Those look great!! love the shoes with the outfit.


    Katelin xox

  14. Aww. Thanks for making me comment of the day :)
    We will have to meet up over Thanksgiving.

    I'm searching for a new foundation too. I've been to lazy to really look though. Right now I'm using Clinique tinted moisturizer.

    PS. I am in love with your harem pants.

  15. colorstay is ok for me. not superb though. anyway, yay for payday!

  16. i love how you keep remixing these pants! you're so brave! :)

  17. ah i love this outfit dear! pants & shoes are lovely!

  18. oh I so want your shoes! they're great!
    save for zara and h&m! this season they're having amazing collection, today I could have died at zara for not being able to buy the amazing stuff they have!!!

  19. Is there a Sephora near you? I like that store because you can try everything before you buy. Try the Bare Minerals.

    I'd love to make a shameless Avon plug here, too. We've got skincare for oily skin. ;)

  20. I actually use Revlon Colorstay sometimes, but only when I want medium-full coverage. On regular days I go for Maybelline's clear smooth aqua gel foundation. I also have insanely oily skin and I dunno if these are the best ones to use. I just love that the Maybelline one is light and easy to apply but gives the right amount of coverage that I need. (:

  21. love your harems. i have similar ones from F21. i can't wait until an H&M comes to my neighborhood.

  22. Love this outfit! Those pants are so sassy!
    I just started using this same foundation and am loving it so far. I'm a drugstore brand kind of girl and this is the best I've used thus far. Great coverage without looking fake! :)


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