Friday, October 1

Store Feature: Paradigm Shift

oh.. i was so pissed off with how i broke my camera yesterday that i forgot to tell you about my citizenship test! it went fine except that i made 2 mistakes.. not major ones, but i clearly forgot about those. hahahaha! they're not giving the results til a couple of months time so im just glad that's over and done with.

so i missed this week's food tripping thursday post. instead, im featuring another online store today. i hope you're not getting bored with these kinds of post, but i just feel like i really have to compensate for outfit posts that i clearly can't do right now (broken camera).

this time around i'd like to present to you Paradigm Shift! the geniuses behind this online store are Karl Leuterio and Mike Magallanes. the first time i saw the pieces from this brand in karl's blog, i was just blown away and to actually know the people behind it is quite amazing too!

i think the one thing that fascinates me about their first collection is that it's genderless. it's astounding to see how each piece can be worn by anyone regardless of your style

from the simplest basic solid tops to the most fashion forward drapey trousers, i think there really is something for everyone in this line, especially if you have the need to feel extra fierce!!

oh gosh, i only wish im in the philippines now so i can easily get a hold of that white uneven top!! aaaahhhh!!! if you want to start shopping, you can order these pieces here.


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