Friday, September 24

slow down...

somehow this week is taking its toll on me. im so tired, but i really don't understand why since i just sit down and type in front of a computer at work. maybe it's the long hours of handling paper, maybe it's trying to squeeze in that extra 10-minute sleep when my alarm rings in the morning or maybe it's just because the weather this week has not been so nice and pretty.

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all i know is that this coming week will be even more stressful. my family and i have this wedding to attend to tomorrow. sunday will be reserved for studying for my upcoming citizenship test. for monday and tuesday, i will need to work overtime since i'll be getting some hours off on wednesday, when i take my test downtown.

outfit: threadless tee, tna skirt, suzy shier blazer, joe fresh dotted tights, aldo wedges
on the more positive side of things, october is almost here. a paycheck is coming too and im slowly counting the days til i get to see my boy for the thanksgiving weekend! hurray!

i apologize in advance if i'll be slowing down on (outfit) posts for the coming week. i'll be back on track as soon as i can catch up with the happenings in my life. teehee!

Comment of the Day: BARESTUDY (Janelle)
charice is awesome.. and the asian guy is hot!!! omgosh.. i couldn't get over it when i saw him. hahaha!!!

well, now that you mentioned the asian guy.. i leave you with this gif of him! hahahaha!!


  1. that asian guy is one of the dudes in Step Up 2 and 3 :)

  2. love the photos they have a vintage feel to them ;)

  3. This is a stunning and polished look! I know what you feel like with the overload: work, social life, school, it's so much! Once we get through it all, everything feels better though :)

    PS- That Asian kid is SMOKING. Abs please?

  4. i hear you on being exhausted from work! i feel like all the sleep in the world isn't enough right now and i've been going to bed earlier and earlier lately! ah! i hope you get some good rest over the weekend! you look so cute and business-y in this outfit! i love the tights!

  5. I hope next week things go better for you :)
    Have a nice Friday!

  6. love ur blazer! and the tights are super cute!

  7. You look amazing in this outfit!!

    I think work is just tiring in general. I basically sit a a computer too, and I'm burnt out by the end of the week.

  8. in love with your blazer and skirt, you look super cute and chic as always :)


  9. Love this outfit! You really do look great!

    Good luck on your test!

  10. You look so professional yet fashionable :) Hope next week is better for you :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  11. I LOVE those tights! What a pretty look!

  12. lol, im your comment of the day! awesome, thanks!

    omgosh, i'm just going to drool over here..... oh im at work. almost forgot. HAHA!!

    say abs?

    - how about a gif of taeyang? HAAHHAHA!!!!

  13. Such a great, inspiring blog. I think I'm in love with it.

    Anyway, you look so amazing. And your style is amazing too. Now following you.

    Karoline @ SECONDHAND NEWS

  14. Well if it's any consolation you look incredibly chic! I love the contrast of the tailored blazer with the cotton tee and skirt!

    Gah I am drooling over Asian guy. <3

  15. That is such an awesome chic-but-comfy outfit. You look so stylin!

    oh so sophi


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