Thursday, September 2

don't forget your breakfast

so as most of you know, i've started working about 2 weeks ago and it has really changed my day to day habits. i spend working hours in the office and once i get home, i start preparing stuff for the following day. (at least, that's what i do from monday - thursday)

outfit: gifted plaid jacket, old navy top, greenhills skirt, vintage belt, ardene tights, keds sneakers

it's been challenging to update this blog that's why i have discovered a way for me to make sure that i get outfit posts in here. i try to take photos of my outfit the day before to make sure that there's still good lighting outdoors.

also, i'm starting to pay more attention to my sleeping and eating patterns because i really need make sure i have enough energy to last me the whole day. one thing i always tell myself is to not skip breakfast, whether it's a simple muffin or an egg sandwich. however, if i had the luxury of time, energy and resources, i would love to have these every week..

something sweet

bacon lovers

filipino twist!

image source
so for my food tripping thursday tip, don't forget your breakfast!

Comment of the Day: Gabby
Tell me about it!!! I'm crazy busy with work this week... uffffffff

yes, i can totally relate too! as i said, it's been so hard keeping up with this site and other blogs, but i can't just drop it since it's one of biggest things that's keeping me sane. hahaha! :D aaahhh the good thing is, the long weekend is almost here! yay!


  1. love the pop of color from your tights with the monochromatic outfit :) your work outfits have been so cute! i need to start eating breakfast too! when i start my preschool job i'll need a good start to my day to get me through the hectic day of work and school!

  2. loveeeeeee the tights! I have a similar color and can't wait for it to get colder so I can wear them! :) Hope your job is goin well!

  3. Great outfit....and planning ahead leaves less stress in the morning:)

  4. yep, as they say, you can miss all the meals except breakfast. yemmy!!! my fave breakfast is cereals--fitnesse or special k strawberry, or rice and spam garlic flavor!! :D your neighborhood looks peaceful. :D

  5. Filipino Food! they look gorj! and you too :)

    xx, Channie

  6. yummy! :P look delicious!

  7. Those tights are beautiful :)
    And omg that fooooood looks soooo goooood! :)

  8. Cute outfit. Love your tights and jacket. :)SarahD

  9. love your tights ;D

  10. I totally know what you mean! Sometimes I'm rushing out the door to capture the perfect lighting to take pictures and if I miss that's either way too bright or too dark. Great outfit btw...


  11. beautiful outfit and that food looks delicious!


  12. I really love the tights with that skirt:)
    Kisses my dear

  13. oh now im hungry thxxxxxxxxx alot:)

  14. Gahhhh the food is making me drool hah.
    I Love the purple tights and they are the perfect pop of color!

  15. ahh all those food photos are making me so hungry. love your tights ! xx

  16. Yay for purple tights! One of the great things about fall :)
    You look great.

  17. OMG that breakfast looks soooo good!


  18. Haha breakfast can be a life-saver, but for some reason I'm never very hungry in the morning, so when I try to eat a lot I just get sick :( So I think I pack on more for lunch and afternoon snack to keep me energized! Glad you're enjoying your new job, keep up the good work! Cute outfit, those purple tights really add a nice pop of color!

  19. That first bacon treat is sooo good. My mom made it once and it's like the best thing EVER! It takes so long to make, but it's amazing.

    Love purple tights. I own too many pairs of purple tights.


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