Friday, August 20

uggs: yay or nay?

so just like everyone else in the fashion world, i'm not the biggest fan of uggs. although, i really can't blame it when people here in winnipeg wear it. we normally get -40 degree temperatures during the winter and ugg boots are too comfy and warm to pass up.

i was browsing through one of my usual side links there on your right and discovered through daniel footwear that uggs are getting fiercer with their new fall/winter 2010 collection hitting the UK. we’re seeing a lot more tussled fringes, bigger button details and a move away from the popular classic tall and classic short formats. perfect to pair with your rock leather jackets now that summer’s on the verge of leaving us.

i may not be able to handle the tall knitted ones below, but it came to me as a surprise that the brand is now offering a sneaker line. now i wouldn't mind rocking those..

Think you can handle the new Ugg Boots A/W 2010 collection yet?


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