Tuesday, August 10

the answer to this heat wave...

outfit: f21 top, urban behaviour shorts, divi sandals, wetseal necklace
aaaaahhh... it feels like a sauna out there! the weather network was just reporting that this was been the warmest recorded temperature here since the 1940s!! that's a whopping 39 degrees celsius (102 fahrenheit).. goodness me!

ever since the temperature rose up, i've been challenging myself to wear anything but black. so i decided to pull out some pastel pieces and come up with this outfit for a day at the ice cream store! also, i realized that i have gone about 2 shades darker in terms of my skintone. i actually had to combine my joe fresh concealer with a darker elf one just so it can blend well on my face.

today was a great day to head out and get some ice cream. cold stone creamery opened a franchise store attached to a tim hortons and since i've tried the marble slab one, i wanted to see how this one compares to it. so i decided to pay a visit!

if you're not familiar with them, the whole concept of their ice cream is that they try to mix the toppings of your ice cream on the spot on a frozen granite stone, making sure that you get fresh ingredients.

to be honest, i was expecting a bit more from cold stone creamery. i ended up getting something similar to the one i got from marble slab so i can really make a good comparison. i feel like the ingredients weren't as well mixed as the one i got from marble slab. tsk tsk.. not that the ice cream didn't taste good, but i feel like the toppings weren't distributed evenly.

cookie doughn't you want some!

but, you know what.. i'll still go back there! i still have to try the other flavors! the tim hortons that it's attached to is open 24 hours and that means the cold stone creamery is too! ice cream 24/7? sounds good to me! :D

Comment of the Day: Ali
Ahhhh! All of those makeup shades want me to color someone's face crazy with my amateur makeup skills. :) Super cute romper!

aaahh thanks! and yes, i want to do that too!!! hahahaha!! there are really some crazy colors there like neon green, red and bright yellow!


  1. I love ice cream:)

    Kisses sweetie and this is such a cute outfit:)

  2. Love this outfit my dear. Those shorts are so stinkin' cute!

  3. Cold Stone is my favorite! I always select the Birthday Cake Remix.... delish! :)

    natasha @ twenty-something blog

  4. love your neutral outfit dearie! the soft colors look great on you :) your shorts are so cute!

  5. Such a clean and Chic outfit!
    Your hair looks great pulled back too! Got to love Coldstone:D Yummmm

  6. u look adorable! and coldstone... YUM!

  7. hhhmm yummy yummy yummy,,,
    getting melted :P

  8. Lovely outfit.
    And I lovelovelove Cold Stone.

  9. If only ice cream stores delivered. I'd just sign over my paycheck direct and buy bigger sweat pants. I could really use a tall cold one about now: rocky road and toasted almond.

  10. Love the colors. Looks really chic and pretty :) Aaaw I envy you. I could eat ice cream only like twice a year maybe or all those rare times cuz of throat problems. Waaah jealous much. Haha. BTW, it doesn't matter how often you drop by, I'm just glad you did girl! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  11. It's so funny how we all talk about this hot weather. It's killing me. I feel at times I don't want to go outside and take pictures without burning up or sweating. You look great. I love simplicity of the colors.


  12. There is Cold Stone in my city too and I love it<3 yummy...!!
    yay :D we have same top.

  13. the ice cream look's delicious =P

  14. love the look!
    new post up let me know what you think :)

  15. Cute outfit! I so love ice cream :) Fun fact about me: I eat ice cream everyday! haha

    Come, follow my blog :)

  16. thanks! i wear my ruched tops like that too! with an elastic band skirt, tucked in :D sister style hehe

  17. Cute shorts! Looks like a great outfit for a hot day.


    I love that you're staying away from black during this heatwave. I always find myself gravitating towards it since it's such a reliable color but I'm trying to resist the temptation!

  19. Ah! Cookie Dough! I always get that flavor from Cold Rock over here. Same concept. :)

    B from A plus B

  20. Very nude and cute!
    The icecream makes me jalaous!!

  21. love the shorts! I am hooked on that style of short this summer season!

  22. Thank you so much! And that outfit is so cute=)

  23. Your outfit looks very heatwave-friendly! :D ahh I want ice cream. Stat.

  24. ooh the ice cream looks yummy and I love your shorts! CHat soon xxx

  25. hi!
    I need to say: GREAT ANSWER!!
    I like ur outfit from head to toe too :D

  26. I'm loving the outfit! Haha 39 degrees? Here in Australia, it gets up to around 45! heat waves are the worse but a trip to the beach is always nice :)

  27. Lovely outfit :) And those ice creams look delicious :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  28. i love the way you tied your hair into the ponytail, you look fresher and more gorgeous :)


  29. I've been postponing my visit to Urban Behaviour to find those amazing shorts! Arrrgghh, I hope they still have them when I drop by this weekend *fingers crossed* By the way, are they sheer/see-through?:p

    I've also tried Marble Slab. Too creamy for my liking and it's sooooo big I couldn't even finish it with the boyfriend :S I want to try the Timmies' ice cream. The location near my office sells them! Must drop by soon :)


  30. Ohh, give me ice-cream!!!!

    Take a peek! our first blog.

    best regards from Sweden

  31. Hey hun... you look adoorable. You're alwasy so cheery in your phots and I love that! I also LOVE those shorts. At first I thought it was a skirt, but when I read your outfit deets it said shorts... fabulous!

    I remember when coldstone came to Maui a few years ago, I was stoked. I think I ate so much of it that I'm kind of over it now. ;) I hope you're having a great day!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  32. thankyou for your comment on my blog!

    what a nice outfit
    and I wish we had such a ice-shop in the netherlands!

  33. a very sweet style and a very good sweet ice -cream!!!

  34. Cute post! OMG, I am so glad I don't have a 24/7 ice creamery here. I would be in *TROUBLE*!!! I *LOVE* Coldstone & Marble Slab! Yummm!

  35. love the OU shorts...perfect for warm weather!


  36. u're super cute with super ice-cream!

  37. oh, you look incredibly cute ♥ and your necklace is awesome! I love ice cream :D



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