Monday, July 19

real vs. online

photo c/o aris aguila
after the epic pool party fail that occurred yesterday, today turned out to be (surprise-surprise!) a wonderful sunny day. the weather just really doesn't know how to cooperate. anyway, i ended up being the fifth wheel with my 'couple friends'.

oh to be a fifth wheel...

we went to bridge drive in to grab some ice cream and walk across the bridge (where else?!). after that we headed to my friend's pool again to really enjoy it this time around. no pictures from that time on since i think i fell asleep on the floater. hahaha!

aside from sharing with you how my sunday went, i also wanted to ask opinions on a matter that might be of interest to bloggers like you. as bloggers, do your close family and friends really know about your 'blog life'? i know many might say that they are separate to each other. but now, i'm starting to realize that i can't really keep this blog all to myself.

take for example this photo (below) that i got off my friend's facebook photo album. i had to explain to him that i wanted to use his photos to share here in my blog and of course i would give him the proper credit. doing that meant having him discover my blog and all.

thanks aris!
another instance is whenever i get free things from giveaways or chictopia, my friends ask me where i got them and if i say that i got them for free, they don't really understand it so i eventually have to explain the whole blogging ordeal to them. take this cropped top for example which i got from tminx through the dedicated follower blog.

outfit: tminx cropped tee, divi skirt & sandals, bag from baguio, forever 21 shades, walmart hat

as much as i want to believe that im a very confident and secure person, there's always this part of me that does not really want to venture out and share to everyone that i have this blog. i feel like once people know of it, two things can happen. one, people would criticize or two, people would expect more from me. and in both things, there's that pressure which can be quite stressful.

i don't know.. sometimes, i think way too much of things.. imagine: i actually thought of this whole post while i was just contemplating on whether i need to get a facebook account or not. hahahahahaha!! i guess they're related.. sort of?! anyway, what do you think? does your family and friends know of your blog? and what did they say when they first discovered it? im curious to know so comment away!

Comment of the Day: tiana
the same thing happened to me and my friends! only it only rained for a short time in the morning, and it was still like 90 degrees...gross
love your shirt!

thanks!!! and omg, i know what you mean with that kind of weather! it's sticky and humid and really icky. it seems like it's going to rain, but it's still warm and the atmosphere is very muggy. aahhh.. i was happy that didn't happen when i took these photos for this post.


  1. My friends know about my blog because I've kept them a secret in the past and it only leads to me not updating. I get a lot of my friends to take photos for me so I have to tell them really, they're all cool about it though.

    I don't tell my parents though as my mum will say I don't have any style and my dad will find it weird and tease me. Love that cropped top though. Another winning outfit!

  2. Fantastic pictures, such a cute out fit you are wearing. Love the hat.:)SarahD

  3. Such a cute outfit sweetie and those photos are so pretty:)
    Kisses darling

  4. My family and friends knew about my blog from the very start, I don't like to hide it would be almost impossible when stuff comes in the mail for free, as you pointed out.
    I find it hard to explain my blog to people who have never looked at fashion blogs, or just don't understand the concept. The comment that gets to me the most is, "Oh, so you just post pictures of yourself on the internet? Cool..."
    I think some of my friends make fun of my blog too- but I can't let it get to me. I enjoy it so that's what matters...

  5. Such a cute tshirt and im a huge hat fan!! So love ur hat too!!
    Its so awesome to see that these days people are bringing hats back into their outfit..

  6. Such a cute top. I love the print on it. This outfit is one of my favourites of yours.

    My family know about my blog. THey highly support me on it too. Sometimes my dad takes me photos and my mom reads it every day.

  7. Honestly none of my family/friends knows about my blog or at least I don't think they know.
    I personally never told anyone just because I don't wanna have to deal with their questions :)
    but I've always believe that people have 3 types of life: public life, private life and secret life..
    whereas my blog I consider to be my secret! I make it sound as if i'm a spy :)
    cool pics!

    eclectic du jour

  8. Love that crop top!

    My parents know about my blog then some of my friends do. I don't need everyone I know to read my blog.

  9. Omg so I was totally thinking that the other day because I ask my sister to take pictures for me sometimes. I haven't told many of my friends but my mom knows I blog because I have won a few things that I clearly could not have afforded at the time. I don't know how seriously she takes it lol but at least she has an idea I'm hesitant about announcing it to the world because I'm worried people will criticize so I sort of like the "alter ego blogger" lol I don't want people to think I'm a wanna be (even though I know I totally should not care like at all. I figure I'll "debut" it on my 1 year anniversary lol =]

    (sorry for typing so much I was just really thinking that the other day so it was funny to me reading this :) ]

  10. You know I think of the same things when I do a post. But if my friends do stumble upon my blog that'll be OK. For now only my hubby knows about it.

  11. I can relate sybil. My closest family and friends don't know I have a blog. And I'm not comfortable telling them. My boyfriend knows (well because he's my photographer) but that's it. I don't know... I just don't want them to know. Hahaha. They won't understand anyway too. Haha.

    Melai of Style and Soul

  12. looks like u had a wonderful weekend. :) in terms of blogging, not very many people know...i think it's something they prob can't relate to (although they would be supportive).

  13. That bridge looks so pretty and I love your bag! I know what you mean, letting people you know in real life know about your blog feels like you're letting them in a secret part of your life. Suddenly you might be pressured to write a certain way or you won't express yourself quite as freely because you're afraid what they might think. I only have one friend that knows about my blog. There's a fine line between letting friends into a part of your life and revealing too much that you wouldn't normally do.

  14. Love the cropped top!

    Our mom knows about our blog, but she doesn't understand what it's for. LOL! But as for friends, only our closest friends know about our blog. :)

  15. I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes, I feel like I am leading a double life. I don't share my blog with my friends and family (except brother and boyfriend) because somehow I want to keep this little part of my life separate. I always find myself having difficulty avoiding the topic or explaining myself when something blog related comes up!

    In a way also, having an online blog is a great way to have a fresh start. Sort of introduce yourself to new people and put yourself out there in a way you normally wouldn't. People from your 'real' life might just be surprised to see what you are like on-line.

    I think too much obviously. My blog partner (Arianne) has no qualms at all about sharing our blog so our friends kind of know about it anyway. It's great because she is the less self-conscious and courageous half of our blog!

    B from A plus B

  16. love these photos! You look adorable in the crop top!!

    Most of my close friends and family knew about my blog from the start, I tend to get really excited about things and can't keep them hidden! lol but, while they don't really get it, they're supportive about it for the most part. I find it's easier to let them in on it, even when I get some weird looks when I want to photograph everything!

  17. love your outfit :)
    follow my blog if you like it.

  18. my blog life is really secret from real life, only a few people know about it (robert, and two of my closest friends). my family doesn't even know about it. i just want this separate world for my own! it is my catharsis after all :)

  19. ohh this outfit looks awesome on you! love your hat!

  20. For the longest time my friends didn't know about my blog, although I had to tell my family because they were the ones who usually took my outfit pics. Haha. But of course "going public" was virtually unavoidable. At first it really scared me to be to them. But now I quite enjoy it! I love their little comments and insights on my posts, the pictures, and general direction of my blog. (: go get Facebook so we can be friends! Hahaha.

    I adore your cropped top Sybil!

  21. First of I think that you look slimmer and your outfit looks good on you. Your such a cheerful sight with those bright accesories. :-) well as much as possible I never want my family to read my blog coz I feel they won't be able to relate anyway because they are so different from me. But when my fiancé told my sisters about it and began reading mine, I felt a bit uneasy. It's like they are invading my private thoughts hehe! And it somewhat makes me feel vulnerable to their tease and taunts,which they do now:-(. But all's well, I'm just more cautious of what to write in order not to offend anyone. Hehe. Ok this is a long comment already. Thanks for dropping by too:-) hugs!

  22. aww...i like ur tee soooo,,


  23. Awesome pictures - your tee is ultra cool. + sorry for the very long wait :-( Thanks for your lovely comment!
    panda xx

  24. Lovely photos!!! Great question as well as I have a story to tell?

    My friends kept teasing me on how's my career going on with chictopia!!! I was like, "OMG. That's rude!!!" but later on I shrugged it off... I love my friends and so is my chictopia blog!

  25. love your outfit, as always. especially the top and hat! :)

  26. hello gorgeous, i really really love all of the shoots of you on the bridge, stunning!!!! <3


  27. Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

  28. wow nice place to take pictures, and i love your top!!:)

  29. Oh i do feel the same too about blogging and part of me actually doesnt want anybody (especially the ones i know) to know about my blog. It's kinda weird, that feeling, isn't it, and whenever I found out that one of my friend knows about my blog I just don't know how to react..
    That's why my blog doesn't have a faceook account :)

    Two Thousand Things

  30. I have a very hard time sharing my blog with people I know IRL. It is hard to not be worried that they will judge me poorly because of it. Silly, I know.

  31. I know exactly how you feel. None of my family or friends know about my blog except my husband...well and now my sister b/c I did a post about her. I'd rather strangers just stumble upon it instead of telling people I know. I'd fear they would be scrutinizing it way too much. Your outfit is the tee w/ that hat and bag. Lovely bridge pics.

  32. Great pictures! Aren't ice cream cones the best? Ah, summer.

    My family and most of my closest friends don't really read my blog (even though they're aware of it), and it makes me a bit sad. My husband, on the other hand, is my most ardent supporter!

  33. First and foremost, I love that hat and the outfit that comes with it.

    Secondly, like everyone else... I've kind of kept my blog tucked away for me. The sister tried teasing me about it the other day, but I don't let it get to me. We don't do this as some sort of narcissistic fetish where we just want to look at pictures of ourselves all day. It's more of an outlet to impact more lives and make friends with people you never would've encountered other ways.

    The entire point of fashion blogging is to inspire others. That's how it started with me... all I ever did was read fashion blogs, and it helped me see the wardrobe I have in an entirely new way. And most of us hope to one day have the same effect on other readers.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and there won't really be anything you can do to stop the criticisms. But what's important is that we, your readers, have a profound understanding of what it is you're doing, and have an appreciation for your ART.

    Allow me to step off my soap box. Carefully, of course.

    -Weezy from

  34. first of all, excellent outfit

    anyway, i totally feel you on this post. most of my good friends do not read my blog - they know of its existence and will browse it occasionally but they dont really read it. i think it's actually nice because it allows me alot of space and i feel like it's nice to have a bit of alternate reality :)

  35. love the top! and the hat.
    And no,I havent told anyone about my blog. Its kinda personal and I dont think I'd be able to write openly if I knew my family was reading.

  36. cute top!! I also dont tell my family and friends about my blog. the only one who knows my blog is my boyfriend, and you guys my blogger friends :) basically because sooner or later he's gonna find out about my blog, i'm always with him all the time. and maybe i can take advantage of it, ask him to take pics of me for the blog ;)

    im agree with the critize thing, my friends dont really into this blogging stuff (they dont even know chictopia and lookbook!), and theyre gonna think im weird for doing this.

    oh im so happy there are people who have the same thought with me! :D

  37. yaya for icecream and bridges (BDI?) looks like a really fun time actually. I should go soon!

    xx raez

  38. like your bag !!

  39. This hat looks great on you!! Who doesn't love the BDI!?

    Kate xox
    Collections and Creations

  40. cute outfit! especially love the hat...

    hope you can follow my blog!

  41. i love that tee and your hat
    the sandals are super adorable
    and great photos!


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