Tuesday, July 27

Murano Glass Gifts

If there was one thing that my closet lacks, that would have to be jewelry. I'm not merely pertaining to accessories you can easily grab from the mall. I'm talking about unique pieces that can last for a number of seasons--probably a couple of earrings with nice gems or a classic statement pendant that can spice up my everyday wardrobe.
Now that I'm entering the workforce, I might be limited to wearing outfits on the more conservative side. I think that the best chance of being more fashionable and stylish would be to add interesting jewelry to my ensembles.

I stumbled upon Murano Glass Gifts a few weeks back and was intrigued by the glass products they offer in their site. Being the girl that I am, I found myself browsing through their Glass Jewelry Collection. They carry bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings that can really add color, spunk and elegance to any outfit. I think that what really sets Murano apart from other jewelry stores is that each piece is handcrafted so you can be sure that no two are alike. Now that's a great way of standing out.

I personally fell in love with the earrings and the pendants.
It's been a while since I last saw earrings that were this charming. Nowadays, most people have been wearing huge gold or silver crazy ones. Most of the times, you're better off wearing something that can take you from day to night. I think these Murano earrings do just that. I love the vibrant colors in each of these pieces. I can totally see myself wearing them in the office, by the beach or in a lounge bar.

Catena & Ipanema Earrings
As for the pendants, I think the round ones are just classic statement pieces. You know how I've been kind of addicted to white shirts lately? I think these Murano pendants will go perfectly with them. If you're thinking of going for a more flirty and feminine look, the diamond-shaped ones are perfect. They're not called Candy necklaces for nothing. With these pieces, it's like wearing not just a piece of jewelry but art itself.

Arianna Round Pendants

Candy Murano Necklaces
Just like their jewelry line, the rest of the store offers a great selection of glass products from figurines, centerpieces and decorations.Maybe one day, I can purchase some of their world art glass decor and display them in my home. Aaahh, that would just be lovely.. For now, I'll be happy with a couple of their glass jewelry to spice up my outfits!


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