Monday, June 21

family sundays

well hello hello everyone! i received an astounding amount of new comments and followers from my last post. i'm extremely grateful for each and everyone of you. i promise i'll try and catch up with all the posts and blogs as soon as i get my week started.

this weekend has been a jampacked one with 2 parties in a row; plus some of my cousins from calgary and georgia visited, so it's been crazy and tiresome. today was my nephew's 1st bday and we celebrated it with lots of food, family, kids, gifts and photos of course.

i tried to stay in the kiddie theme by wearing something like this...

outfit: sirens bodysuit, voom by joy hann dress from fashionistette, aldo wedges, f21 shades

while my cousins wore these...

outfit: forever21 dress, kohl's sandals

outfit: urban planet tunic/top, sirens leggings, mariposa sandals
also, as the day ends, let me be the last to greet you and your fathers, a happy father's day!!! im quite a daddy's girl so today was something worth celebrating for!
before i go, don't forget! it's the last week of my daniel footwear voucher giveaway!!!!

Comment of the Day: bestie
It happens, Sybil! But the good thing is there really are those people who get you and who love you for who you are. No matter what. Feel better, love, cause you look amazing! :-*

aawww thanks a lot, bestie!!! you're right, actually.. thanks for the sweet comments not just from you but from everyone else who told me that it was normal and it's something that they can relate to. (btw, bestie: im emailing you tomorrow about the youknowwhat. i'm so tired right now and all i want is to publish this post! hahaha!)


  1. Very cute! Your nephew is soo adorable and your family pictures make me smile :) Your wedges are awesome too!

    Take care!

  2. Olá.
    Muito obrigada p'la tua visita.
    Gostei muito do teu blog.
    Parabens ao mano e ao pai. Os bolos parecem bons.

  3. Cute =) looks like a very happy day =)
    Have a great week!

  4. cute! :) i love the color combi, wore red-blue ensemble just a few days ago! ;)
    happy fathers day to your dad, and happy birthday to your nephew! ;)

  5. I adore adore this outfit. I love the sweetheart neckline of the dress and the colours and ahh perfection! Looks like you had a fun party too, I love how much food people always put on for kids parties and I love the way your family get involved in your blog.

  6. You look beautiful and that food looks delicious!

  7. Sweet baby and cute cakes.I love your look style:D
    Hopefully we can become blog friends:D


  8. your dress is so awesome!! i love it!

    p.s dont forget to check out the giveaway contest on my blog.


  9. hello, i love the combination of the reds and blues. you look great!

  10. Wow, your weekend was full of fun! I mean, you had a bouncy house and cake. Jealous!!! =)
    So glad to be reading your blog.

  11. Aww I never get comment of the day! I'm honored! Hahaha. No problem Sybil, am here for ya...halfway across the globe. (; and yes, I can't wait for your reply! (:

    Awesome denim + red + wedges combo! You look fab, and not at all 'kiddie'! Haha. Yay for Filipino handa!

  12. wow! i love the first dress!
    amazing blog and post!!
    fantastic things that you show us!
    kisses from

  13. What an awesome post! I am HUNGRY! lol, I love your dress with the Tshirt under it, so cute! :)

  14. this is the perfect kids' birthday party outfit! Love how you layered the dress over a red bodysuit to make it more casual :) I think this dress is meant to be paired with anything red! I remember you wore to you graduation with a red cardigan. Maybe next time try pairing it with red shoes? :D or a red headband? a red bag? anything red that you have? :p Happy birthday to Noah and happy fathers' day to you dad :D

  15. The dress in the first photos is SO CUTE!

  16. Adorable little denim dress!
    You look darling :D

  17. since I know you like talking about food, in the picture with the buffet there is a pan with chow mein I have been all over town to find the right noodles for it. Can you pretty please tell me where you get the noodles/what brand if you happen to know:)
    p.s your sunglasses look really good on you.

  18. I like how you styled the strapless dress :).

    I am following you now. Hope you will stop by my blog soon and follow me :). I have a giveway coming up that you might be interested in.

  19. Great denim dress Sybil! And that looks like the greatest kids party - food, balloons...A BOUNCY CASTLE?! bananas.

  20. Lovely outfit you look great ! & what an adorable baby, too cute!

  21. love everything about that outfit of the denim with red & the boots with socks..and happy birthday to the cute one :)

  22. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I really love what you're wearing. The dress is so cute.

  23. thanks for your comment! incredible your blog (i said that before, but is the true).
    i have a new post. visit it if you want in
    kisses :P

  24. hey!!!!

    amazin post!!!!!!!!

    happy birthday noah!!!!!

    great outfit!love ur shoes!

    keep in touch:))


  25. Oh your nephew is adorable and your dress is too!!! :)

  26. Your outfit is so cute! What a fun weekend :)

  27. I adore your outfit! the red and blue work so well together! :)

  28. You are always cute.
    I love your outfit.
    Have a lovely week.


  29. Noah's adorable, and so is your outfit! :D

  30. Awww looks like fun. I love the jean dress and the way you styled it.

  31. Thanks! Those cakes look delicious :)

  32. Thank you for your comment, sweetie.
    Pretty dress!

  33. Your nephew is soooo cute, aww! All the food looks delicious, it's making me hungry haha.
    Love your wedges :)

  34. i usually do family funday sundays as well ;) noah is a cutie!

    Food porn!! NOMS!

    I was stopping by cause I noticed you commented on Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage's post "Bohemian Child" and just thought I'd mention I made a DIY rose garland inspired by her.


  35. Ohhh that cake looks so yummy! Happy father's day to your dad too :D xxxxx

  36. Oh, sweet! I love the top underneath the bustier part of the dress, great look! Looks like such a fun day! Thanks for stopping by LBD so I could find you, happy to be your newest follower! XO!

  37. Ohhh how lovely:) I adore your dress and you look so pretty:) Thank you so much for your lovely comment..So lovely:) Kisses darling and see you very soon:)
    I am following you now:)

  38. Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm following yours now :)

    Looking forward to seeing more outfits from you! Oh, and your nephew is ADORABLE!!

  39. Your outfit is perfect for a birthday party - very cute and appropriate.

    I was also just catching up with your last post. I think it's really normal to feel lonely and even a little isolated at times. I completely understand how you feel. I think it's great to be different and you'll find with time, people will accept and love you for it.

  40. ahhh when I see that food and that cake I wanna be back to the philippines...adobo, pancit...goldilocks siopao...cant stop of thinking about the food hahaha. miss ko na ang family ko :(

  41. I love your outfit :)
    P.s thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.

  42. I love how you paired the bodysuit with that dress--it looks stunning!

  43. Your nephew is so cute, and the food looks great! Hope you had a great time;)

  44. love how mixed the blue with the red! reminded me of the philippine flag :)

  45. Your nephew is adorable!!! And your outfit was so fun and perfect for the occasion!

  46. that is the cutest baby I've seen.awww.:-)
    lucky you celebrated fathers day, my mom's birthday was on fathers


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