Saturday, June 26

baby christening!

this morning, i attended a baby christening for my friend's daughter. remember that post where i mentioned i was godmother to this cute little baby?

she got baptized awhile ago. what better day to wear my lace skirt and bow ring than today! i don't know about you but i like going for a theme when i dress up for parties and events. since today was the baptism, i wanted to go for the prim&proper look: delicate and sweet. if i only had some nude pumps, then this would be the perfect soft-pastel look!

outfit: joe fresh shirt, h&m lace skirt, celine pumps,

forever 21 rings, wetseal necklace
i went to church earlier with her parents and other godparents for the christening. it was followed by a lunch reception in chinatown.

this day isn't finished yet since i have another party to attend to. i just wanted to drop by and say hello to everyone. i know i have a couple of girlfriends here in winnipeg reading this (and they're actually waiting for this post, hahaha!).
again, i apologize for not being able to check people's blogs lately, since i've been packed with events one after another. tomorrow is a sunday and finally i get a day off! i'll be announcing the daniel footwear giveaway winner tomorrow so be sure to enter tonight!!! hopefully, i'll be able to check on all your blogs again!

Comment of the Day: La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society
Ahhh reunions amongst old uni pals are the best!! I don't know where you live right now, but calgary is one of my favorite cities in the world, would be an awesome move! Love the way you wore the AA bodysuit!

aahh, thanks! i agree.. these university friends of mine are just a bunch of hilarious wackos.. we can literally talk about senseless things for hours! hahaha! and regarding the moving: i've been to calgary a couple of times already and i must say that it's a wonderful city, mostly because it's near the mountains.. :)


  1. AWWW. Babies are possibly the greatest thing on earth. You look gorgeous in your lace skirt- so cute :):)!

  2. wow you lok so happy
    congrats to the whole family

  3. oh congratulations to everyone!! i love your skirt!!! it is so pretty and your accessories look amazing!!! i am so envious of your rings, particulary that pearl bow one so cute!!

  4. aww so cute! i love your neutral outfit! your skirt is so lovely!

  5. Ohh what an adorable baby!

    I love what you wore to the christening, the lace skirt is wonderful.

    Thank you so much for your gorgeous comment,

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend



  6. oh, she's so cute! like your outfit, too!

  7. both u and the baby loook so beautiful

  8. Great outfit, I have a lace skirt in that colour and I might try pairing it with a shirt, perhaps chambray. Hadn't thought of that before so thanks for the inspiration!

  9. First of all, thanks for the comment on my previous post! ;-) we can follow each other and be friends here if you want :)

    Anyhoo, I love your outfit! Comfortably chic plus the little accessories are nice!

    Nina :)

  10. lovely pictures they are soo cute

    i forgot to say
    i like your comment on my blog

    there's always a reason for everything and sometimes we don't get what we want or like, but we get something even better, yes?

    you are correct

    happy sunday

  11. Wow, what a blessing to take part in such a celebration!!! It looks like the day was lovely.

  12. adorable baby (^^)happie christening darling...anyway u looked so sweet...following u


  13. Sooo adorable!

    And your outfit for the event was lovely. The lace skirt and accessories are so sweet, and you're right, nude shoes would be perfect!

    I noticed on your last post you have the sideways cross ring! Sooo jealous!

  14. The first picture is sooo precious <3

  15. What a cute adorable baby :) Love your outfit and that bow ring is oh so pretty! xoxo

  16. Awww what a beautiful little baby!! It sounds like you had a lovely time and you looked SO PRETTY!! That skirt is divine and those rings are fabulous. :)

  17. so cute! that outfit is perfect on you.

    xx raez

  18. u look lovely in this outfit :D might try it one day! i love the lace skirt part :D

  19. cute little baby:)

    u look so amazinnnnnnn!!!!!!!

    keep in touch!


  20. awww sounds like a lovely day!

  21. pretty oufit, love your skirt. looks like you had a lovely day! :)

  22. You look so pretty. Fabulous skirt and necklace.
    The food looks delicious also.

  23. Ohhh what a cutie and you look so great too:) Such a happy photos:) Kisses and enjoy your Sunday:)

  24. Wonderful event. God bless. Fabulous lace skirt, btw!

  25. love the look!
    the baby is so cute

  26. so so adorable

    Anna Katrina

  27. You are one lucky godmother! That baby is adorable. I love babies!

    (Hmm? Did that sound creepy? Err...)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  28. thankyu for leavin' a comment in my blog...then I follow you know
    really love your blog! and the baby too... :)

  29. thanks for coming by!~
    please follow if u like my blog!

  30. aww.. cute lovely baby,
    and i love your skirt! so sweet, i think it match well with the baby :)
    thx for dropping by..

  31. lovely skirt, and i want your rings!!! <3

  32. Adorable outfit and even more adorable baby!

    True Queen

  33. love the soft blue and pink together. A perfect christening outfit! AND.. that bow ring is beyond adorable <3

    Your friend's daughter is SO CUTE. You must be a proud Godmama :D

  34. Wow your jewelry is beautiful! Perfect for this prim and proper, oh so gorgeous feminine lace skirt.

  35. the baby is so cute !!!
    and your look gorgeous !!! with the shoes is just perfect !!

  36. She is SO cute :)
    Love your lacy skirt byw :)


  37. I absolutely LOVE ur lace skirt!! The colour is beautiful, the lenght, shape, everything! Looks great on u! ;)


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