Thursday, June 17

alcohol under the microscope!

such a hectic day for me today since i've been up at around 7am and been running around the city like a mad woman! hahaha! went to an interview in the morning, had lunch at home, went to my aunt's place after and then commuted with my relatives to show them around downtown. i just got back from my aunt's place and it's just now that im trying to check emails, blogs and other online what-nots.

outfit: jacob top, old navy shorts, aldo wedges, blue notes wayfarers

head in a bun, because im lazy like that

on to a lighter note, i didn't really want to miss out on food tripping thursdays so even if im a few hours late (it's officially friday here in canada), i'd still post something about food. for this installment though, i'd like to take a different route by sharing with you something interesting about your drinks! it has been raining cats and dogs here so i think doing a drink post is quite appropriate.

i found this article online posting images of what your alcoholic drinks would look like under a microscope. interesting huh?? wait till you see the images themselves!


pina colada




they can totally pass as fabric prints, right!? now that's fashion, science and food in action!! amazing!

Comment of the Day: Lisa Lisa Lisa
Good luck with your interview!! They can be stressful, but just keep your eye on the prize!!

omg!! speaking of my interview which i completely almost forgot to talk about, i think it went fine. the hr person was a bit uptight and cold, but im guessing they're supposed to be like that. the good thing is they want to schedule me for a second interview. now im wondering what else can they possibly ask me (they've asked me everything situational, job related and formality matters in the first one..).


  1. Totally adore the socks on shoes! I am inspired to do it next time thanks sybil!

  2. great comfy outfit! and oh those images were pretty love the colors...I'm amused with pina colada...reminds me of a filipino food :))

  3. hi sweets! you definitely should come down and visit! i'll be your tour guide! :0 blogger meet-up!!

    I love those shoes!!

  4. lovely outfit and blog :)!

    Do not forget to enter for the blog giveaway which is ending soon

  5. those close ups of the alcohol is just pretty amazing. they would definately pass off as great prints on clothing, how cool is that. wowow. thank you for showing us. that is pretty cool. I'm not much of a colour person, but these are just too great not too like. the sake looks a bit like butterflies! and i love the pina colada onee!!

    if no ones gonna make these into clothes, then i will in my future life!!!

  6. cute outfit! and wow those pictures are just amazingly colorful! great prints for skirts and dresses! :D

  7. thanks :))

    very nice blog..i follow you..follow too? <3

    have a fab weekend!

  8. Love the socks with the shoes!

  9. this is so causal chic! inspired by your blues sock, i will also try to wear them with shorts :) have a great weekend!

  10. I love the socks and shoes combination.I wish I pull that off,hahaha! Those images are very colorful, at first I thought they´re printed cloths. Good luck again on your 2nd interview! :)

  11. head in a bun is really cool, i do that all the time, init ba naman dito sa Pinas! hahah, and a cool outfit too!

  12. cute comfy outfit, and congrats on the great interview you had, i keep my fingers crossed for you :)

  13. thx for ur sweet comment on my post ! :)

    cool outfit ! :D
    i've followed u,, wanna follow me back ?
    THANK YOU ,,


  14. ure outfit is super cute i love the sox much:)

  15. glad to hear your interview went well, hopefully your second one will go good, too. :D

    cute cute socks! :) && that's funny about the drinks under a microscope-- they WOULD make neat fabrics! I'd wear me some microscopic rosewine.

  16. I love the white wayfarers (from Bluenotes? even better because that means they don't cost a fortune!) They look perfect with the outfit :) Oh I wish I could pull off a high bun like that. My bun keeps falling down. Maybe because I have too much hair, it just won't stay up!>.<

    How cool are those images?!?! Can't believe they're alcohol. You can just enlarge, print, and frame them to make wall decorations :D

  17. WOW! I can't believe that is alcohol under a microscope. That is amazing.

    Best of luck on the interview.


  18. Love your shoes and socks combo, super cute.
    Alcohol under the microscope? It's very beautiful, like a psychedelic print.
    PS Good luck with the interview.

  19. I L O V E your socks with shoes look!! Such a great trend right now!

  20. Cute blog, love this pictures!

  21. love your blog!!! Amazing.... Thanks for checking me out and I hope you come back....


  22. Those are so pretty...they'd make a good desktop picture!

  23. your shorts are so cute! those pictures are so pretty ♥

  24. Your outfit is adorable! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  25. oh these are super pretty! love the color

  26. i am glad to hear your interview went well!!! and that is so cool those drinks would make fantastic patterns especially the pina colada!! i like the new layout as well very cute!!! i love your shorts and your shoes with the socks it looks great, very chic!!

  27. Nice shorts ! And haha, thats so cool with the patterns! :P

  28. cute outfit! i love the shorts!

  29. Wow this alcohol thing is really interesting! I love how you wear socks + shoes in this outift, nice blog :)

  30. Cute! I hope your interview went well!

  31. You look BEAUTIFUL! <3 The socks and shoes are indeed, the best bit. Everything fits together but they are by far my favourite!


  32. digging this outfit on you. u look like such a cool cat

  33. omg how beautiful! I love the pina colada picture especially - it looks like butterfly wings! This is so inspirational!

  34. I really like this outfit. And now I kinda want a margarita! :)

    P.S I find it funny that my spell check does not recognise a single magarita, only the plural margaritas.

    Are you enabling me, computer?


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