Thursday, May 27

Food Tripping Thursdays!

look at how the sun is so glorious in these photos. i don't know about you but even though it's drowning my face, i still like how the pictures turned out.

outfit: juana dress, divi cardigan, suzy shier belt, gojane oxfords

so i want to introduce a new feature here in my blog called Food Tripping Thursdays! ever since i started this blog, not only have i been fascinated with fashion, but also about food. i always notice that you like it everytime i post my food adventures, as much as i have a great time eating them all! hahaha! anyway, i just thought of making it more regular here so whether it's a recipe, a restaurant review, food shots & blogs or anything else yummy, i hope to be able to deliver food posts every thursday.

as a start, i want to share some photos i got from all over showcasing some of the many filipino desserts i have ever tasted! im absolutely missing the authentic ones since the asian store here sells pre-packaged versions of them.
clockwise starting from top-left:
leche flan, bibingka, brazo de mercedes, suman

click names to see recipes and images

Comment of the Day: maggie
suuper cute!! I want your floppy hat for the beach! I hate when my face burns :s ....I saw one at h & m buut it was black and I don't really want to die from a heat stroke lol

i got my floppy hat from walmart for about $6. never underestimate your local grocery or budget-friendly department store. they can be a haven for the latest trends without having to spend so much money. i have gotten $2.50 polka-dotted tights, $5 flats and $3 bodysuits from walmart and superstore.


  1. YUMMY! You always find the most delish food around your area.

    $3 bodysuits, not bad.

  2. Omnomnom, too cute! I almost bought some bodysuits, but I fought the temptation as I was about to buy 3 different ones... some mesh, some polkadotted, oh the joys of money!

  3. thanks for the comment! Love the feed back from people! great blog you have! :)

  4. that`s such a deal, for the hat :D

  5. oh my gosh foood...boy how i love theee

  6. yay for the new feature on your blog! i'm excited! :) i love your summery preppy outfit! i love the sock trend on you!

  7. now i'm hungry, i hate you.

    haha no but seriously, i love the idea of "food tripping thursdays"! i'll be looking forward to them! and i love when the sun shines through in photos sometimes too. :)

  8. That's an awesome new feature Sybil, will seriously look forward to it! Haha. You look so cute and preppy in your outfit dear. Love the socks and oxfords combo. (:

  9. yum2 you look super cute :) love your outfit!
    love, vdcouture

  10. you're lovely! and the pic with you eating is soooo funny!

    ps: join my GIVEAWAY!!

  11. Gorgeous outfit! Yummm that foood looks good. Im currently so hungry aha. Fridge for me....

    Keep in touch, Kimberley xxx

  12. Those desserts look so nice. Whenever I go for a meal I am always thinking of what dessert I'm going to have.:) Really good post.SarahD

  13. thanks for the sway-explanation ;)
    you look so cute in the dress and I love the white socks with the black shoes!

  14. I love those photos - I love when the sun does that haha :)

    And that food looks so good!

  15. thank you for your comment hun. Yes I want the boots too, they are uber lush. I love how fun your blog is will follow xxxxxx

  16. Such a cute feature! And wow... that food looks amazing! Can you please cook for me?? I only live a couple hours away! lol
    p.s I love your outfit photos, the light is gorgeous!

  17. i dont thnk u should do this food thursday thing any more. it makes me wayy too hungry

  18. great photos :)
    You look so beautiful!

  19. you look so cute, and the food YUMMY!

  20. youre adorable, love the outfit, and the food shots:)

    xx raez

  21. I ate so much of those bibingkas and sticky rice with sweet mango on my latest trip! ahhh...i miss them now, darn you!lol,jk. I can make the sticky rice but never the bibingka, coconut fruit is so scarce in the US. Thanks for dropping by my blog!:)


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