Wednesday, April 28

surprises (part 1)

hey everyone!! i know i've been mentioning about a surprise i've been trying to cook up for my boyfriend. well, before i jump into that, i want to excitedly share with you some surprises i've received over the last month, most of which are from freebies or giveaways

1. Aritzia Gift Card. i was one of the lucky winners of a giveaway that vanessa of the hautepursuit had in her blog a month ago. even though the card has been with me for quite some time, i haven't used it yet. but i will soon!!!!!! im so excited!! i've been browsing around the aritzia site and i've been eye-ing a couple of things..
2. CSN Stores Gift Card. at around the same time, jess of lackofcreativity emailed me and told me that i won her giveaway. the folks from CSN Stores were kind enough to give me an online voucher worth $40 to spend on their site. how cool is that?! i still don't know what to get, any suggestions??

3. American Apparel Lace Bodysuit. remember a few months back when i mentioned that i was able to redeem an AA item from chictopia rewards? well, it ended up that that item didn't come in my size so the people from AA were kind enough to send me their lace bodysuit instead. i just received it today and to my surprise, they actually gave it to me in 2 colors: black and navy. im off to wearing them today for my big surprise later on (outfit post next time, i promise).
4. Shopping Spree. eventhough i haven't been really active with blogging here, i continue to visit and support other bloggers. while stumbling upon erin of calivintage's blog, i discovered that i have won her giveaway! i've been browsing thru the site and been oogling over the things i can buy! aaahhh!!! right now, they're holding a contest to find out the best summer recipe you have and they're giving away a KitchenAid Mixer to the winner. isn't that exciting!? summer is here! hurray!

i think now i believe that life can be fair to you most of the time. hahaha!! eventhough i have been having the hardest of luck when it comes to my current employment status, simple things like this cheer me up and motivate me back to be on track. i hope things continue to be better..

i'll be posting again soon to give you the real deal with my surprise (that would be part 2, hahaha!). im off to getting ready and dressed! wish me luck, lovelies!

p.s. i haven't in any way been paid to mention things about the aforementioned sites/stores in this post.


  1. oh my God, i'm officially jealous of all your winnings :) congrats sybil! you totally deserved all these after all the stress with job hunt :) cant wait to see you rocking all your new/future purchases!

  2. aww I'm soo happy for you I took some picture with the lovely earrings! ...its just a matter of getting them up haha <3. Good Luck with job hunting! =] stay positive <3

  3. i'm BEYOND jealous of all your wins lately! (especially the $250 beso shopping spree!!!!?!?!!) You hit the jackpot, Sybil! :) I can't wait to see everything you get.

    And I'm glad you worked things out with AA with your chictopia rewards. You ended up scoring TWO pieces! Have fun surprising your boyfriend, can't wait to hear about it. :)

  4. gah how do you win all these things! i have the worst luck in the world! give me some of yours!

  5. I AM SO UNFREAKINGBELIEVEABLY JEALOUS OF YOU. The $200 to Artizia, MY GOSH. Go wild my dear! :) And I'm sooo glad you worked out the AA Chictopia Reward, now you got double the prize!! <3

  6. Amazing!! And I love that blue/white stripey shirt ;)


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