Friday, April 23

so far this week...

the weather has been nothing but fantastic so amidst some issues here and there, i have to say that this week is going pretty smooth.
outfit: old navy cardigan, joe fresh tanktop, kismet skirt, gojane oxfords

i've been busy with a couple of things this week. i went downtown twice to attend some career seminars, invigilated for accounting finals in the university and met up with a couple of friends
it's wing night at Smitty's and their wings are itsy-bitsy, btw!

tomorrow, im just staying home to fix my resume & cover letter. aaahhh!!! i have such a boring life nowadays..


  1. Haha those wings are so tiny! I love your floral skirt!

  2. sybil you're lookin' good! i love your cute spring outfit! i hope you find a job soon so life won't be so...boring for you anymore :)

  3. that's always been one of my favorite skirts of yours :) you look feminine and lovely! on a different note, updating resume and cover letter IS a pain in the @$$, it's never ending! but i wish you all the best and i hope you'll find a job soon :D

  4. Mmmm oh I miss wings so much :( I'd def go for the "killer" haha good luck with that final sweetie! The print of your skirt is adorable and so perfect for spring

  5. you look so adorable and i'm in love with the patterns on your outfit! :)

    and now i'm craving some HOT WINGS! haha

  6. U look sooo divine here!!! Luv it!! xx

  7. nice blog... very cute skirt! we need close ups =)

    stop by!

  8. Love your everyday style!! You have a lovely blog! I always love reading about a fellow blogger's day-to-day activities (going to school, prepping for exams & everything in between) and looking at cute pictures. Fun read for me!!



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