Tuesday, April 6

hey all!

dear readers,

im terribly sorry for the long hiatus. i have a couple of lame excuses for not popping up here.

1. getting sick for the holy week and still sick now
2. stressing over jobhunting, which sadly i still haven't had success with
3. planning my so called life with extra family issues on the side.

baaaahhh!!!! last month was pretty tough. i hope for the best this april, especially with the finals coming up for the students. that would mean i can work on some marking / grading job for my professor. also, on the better side of things, april greeted me with some good news in the mail.

1. i received a wonderful monthsary card from my boyfriend in calgary
2. i received my $50 gift card from suddenlydarling
3. i won 2 giveaways! YAY!

oh wow, speaking of giveaways.. i remember redeeming something from american apparel (thru chictopia) months back, but i still haven't gotten it in the mail. i tried messaging people from AA in chictopia, but still no response. and of course, im still waiting for a pair of leopard pumps from chictopia rewards! :D

i hope this month brings better luck for me and i hope it does for you too!!!

i missed you all!!!!


  1. well, i hope everything goes well for you. welcome back. ^^

  2. Aww I hope everything works out! Get well soon!

  3. aww sybil<3 get well soon! i was about to email you soon since you haven't posted in a while, but it's good that you're alive and optimistic for this next month! i'm sorry you've had a rough month and i really hope things will get better for you<3 i've missed you!

  4. Ahh I am also still sick from the Holy Week! Yeesh. But hey, glad you're back. Good luck with everything you have going on Sybil. Here's something that will (hopefully) cheer you up -- I just gave you the Sunshine Award! (:


  5. Aw, glad to see a post from you! And that is too awesome about winning giveaways! I loveee winning stuff :)

  6. yay for a blog post! i've been missing these.

    that's so weird that you still haven't gotten your chictopia reward from AA! hopefully you'll figure out where it is soon. :( and i hope you feel better soon, being sick is never any fun.

    at least you're hitting the jackpot with these rewards and giveaway!!! :)

  7. hey babe! :)
    you are one lucky girl, winning all those giveaways!!! hehe. sorry you are sick! :( hope you feel better! oh and i love love love the food pictures from the previous post! those wings looks amazinggggly delicious! :D

  8. Hi Sybil, I was wondering where you went!Glad to hear you're ok despite the job searching and all that jazz :) Congrats on winning all those giveaways (jealous much?haha..) and thanks for leaving comments on my Chictopia and blog :D:D:D Hoping to see more posts from you!!!!


  9. Hey! I hope you feel better soon! It seems like you had more good news than bad news so it's awesome! xoxoxoxo

  10. aww...family drama is never fun! i hope it gets better. :)

  11. Hey honey bunny,
    Hope ur feeling better! Nice to see you on my blog again!! hehe
    And thx for the super genuine comment u left....sweet as usual :)

  12. Well it seems that April is being a bit nicer to you, which I'm very glad to hear! You're too sweet to have bad days! xx

  13. Get well soon, darling! BTW, I am passing you the Sunshine Award that I received. I hope you can check out my blog to see the rules :))

  14. i miss you!!! welcome backkk

    i hope everything works out sooon

  15. Sorry to hear about everything you have been going through hun! We miss you : ) XX

  16. aw I hope April does you well! =] (i'm hoping it didn't get lost in the mail but i never got my giveaway price :) )... school is almost over here too (bring on the finals and pages of final papers due) ...soo excited for summer

  17. hope everything works out for you! ugh, job hunting is such a pain but stick with it & best of luck! xx


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