Tuesday, April 6

hey all!

dear readers,

im terribly sorry for the long hiatus. i have a couple of lame excuses for not popping up here.

1. getting sick for the holy week and still sick now
2. stressing over jobhunting, which sadly i still haven't had success with
3. planning my so called life with extra family issues on the side.

baaaahhh!!!! last month was pretty tough. i hope for the best this april, especially with the finals coming up for the students. that would mean i can work on some marking / grading job for my professor. also, on the better side of things, april greeted me with some good news in the mail.

1. i received a wonderful monthsary card from my boyfriend in calgary
2. i received my $50 gift card from suddenlydarling
3. i won 2 giveaways! YAY!

oh wow, speaking of giveaways.. i remember redeeming something from american apparel (thru chictopia) months back, but i still haven't gotten it in the mail. i tried messaging people from AA in chictopia, but still no response. and of course, im still waiting for a pair of leopard pumps from chictopia rewards! :D

i hope this month brings better luck for me and i hope it does for you too!!!

i missed you all!!!!


  1. well, i hope everything goes well for you. welcome back. ^^

  2. Aww I hope everything works out! Get well soon!

  3. aww sybil<3 get well soon! i was about to email you soon since you haven't posted in a while, but it's good that you're alive and optimistic for this next month! i'm sorry you've had a rough month and i really hope things will get better for you<3 i've missed you!

  4. Ahh I am also still sick from the Holy Week! Yeesh. But hey, glad you're back. Good luck with everything you have going on Sybil. Here's something that will (hopefully) cheer you up -- I just gave you the Sunshine Award! (:


  5. Aw, glad to see a post from you! And that is too awesome about winning giveaways! I loveee winning stuff :)

  6. yay for a blog post! i've been missing these.

    that's so weird that you still haven't gotten your chictopia reward from AA! hopefully you'll figure out where it is soon. :( and i hope you feel better soon, being sick is never any fun.

    at least you're hitting the jackpot with these rewards and giveaway!!! :)

  7. hey babe! :)
    you are one lucky girl, winning all those giveaways!!! hehe. sorry you are sick! :( hope you feel better! oh and i love love love the food pictures from the previous post! those wings looks amazinggggly delicious! :D

  8. Hi Sybil, I was wondering where you went!Glad to hear you're ok despite the job searching and all that jazz :) Congrats on winning all those giveaways (jealous much?haha..) and thanks for leaving comments on my Chictopia and blog :D:D:D Hoping to see more posts from you!!!!


  9. Hey! I hope you feel better soon! It seems like you had more good news than bad news so it's awesome! xoxoxoxo

  10. aww...family drama is never fun! i hope it gets better. :)

  11. Hey honey bunny,
    Hope ur feeling better! Nice to see you on my blog again!! hehe
    And thx for the super genuine comment u left....sweet as usual :)

  12. Well it seems that April is being a bit nicer to you, which I'm very glad to hear! You're too sweet to have bad days! xx

  13. Get well soon, darling! BTW, I am passing you the Sunshine Award that I received. I hope you can check out my blog to see the rules :))

  14. i miss you!!! welcome backkk

    i hope everything works out sooon

  15. Sorry to hear about everything you have been going through hun! We miss you : ) XX

  16. aw I hope April does you well! =] (i'm hoping it didn't get lost in the mail but i never got my giveaway price :) )... school is almost over here too (bring on the finals and pages of final papers due) ...soo excited for summer

  17. love your blog!! :)

  18. hope everything works out for you! ugh, job hunting is such a pain but stick with it & best of luck! xx


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