Wednesday, March 3

staying indoors

aahh!! i didn't have a choice today but to stay inside the university building for marketing and accounting work. it's such a shame since it was really nice out today. i really felt that spring is slowly creeping in.
since i knew that i was going to stay in the university from 10am to 8pm, i decided to go for something really casual and comfortable. i spiced it up a bit by debuting this new knit circle scarf that i got from h&m. i still need to stretch it a bit so that it can drape more nicely, but nevertheless i love how it kept me warm.
outfit: h&m circle scarf, f21 jeans, suzy shier top, le chateau boots

since i stayed indoors, i might as well share with you what i have been doing for the past weeks in university. these are pictures of the marketing research lab where i administer marketing studies to students. pretty simple and flat, eh? basically i can accommodate 15 students at one time. what i do is just give them instructions, set up their computer areas and off they go clicking away to the online surveys that professors and researchers created.

how about you? where do you work? can you post pictures, i wanna see! :D


  1. AHH I LOVES THE SCARF. It's such a nice little knit :) Such a casual yet oh-so chic outfit <3 I'd post a picture of where I work, but I'd probably get in trouble as I work around kids in all my jobs! Darn :( I can feel spring creeping in as well, I was able to walk outside without losing sensation to my toes when wearing flats for once!

  2. another circle scarf sybil?!?! i don't even have one and you have TWO (possibly more you're hiding away?!?!)? ah! not fair!

    i work at a movie theater so i think everyone knows what that looks like hehe :)

  3. Love the circle scarf. I need to get the husband to make me one of those (he crochets!). For work I stack blocks and watch my son topple them over (isn't "topple" a great word?). Before that I waitressed and was a student.

    Thanks for thinking my son is cute!! He is the best "job" I've ever had!!

  4. Cute scarf! Whoa that looks cool.

  5. I love your scarf, bad I can't see it closer in details.. :]

  6. haha, i remember participating in A LOT of marketing studies back in school for extra marks (hahaha!) i'm sure you're one of the most stylish assistants there (if not, the only stylish one!) ;)

  7. I thought I was following your blog, but now I am! Thank you for commenting my post and on chictopia too. You are such a dear! :)

    Sorry you had to stay at university for so many hours. I've done that, I stayed at the editing lab for 10 hours. It was crazy. I love the circle scarf. Get lots of rest :)

  8. It sucks you had to work such long hours, I occasionaly have to do 10-8 so your not alone. sorry for being lazy but I finally got around to linking your site on mine and following your blog! Thanks again for commenting on mine

  9. Love the scarf! I may have to track one down for myself! I just work from home, so it's not too exciting! But I have just redone my office here and pics will be on the blog soon! xx


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