Monday, March 1

answers part 2

so today was the start of another marketing research week for me. off i went to university and did whatever i needed to accomplish there.
outfit: jacob cardigan, people are people top, aa circle scarf, ardene tights, sirens boots

moving on to the next installation of my question and answer post...

1. what disney character would you like to be?
i would be mulan or belle (beauty and the beast). quite odd characters, right? but i love both of their stories! :D

2. what inspires your outfits? do you have certain people in mind that you admire or is it something else?
hmm.. other people inspire me. that's the reason i enjoy logging in to chictopia. my mood definitely inspires my outfits. in as much as i have this certain style, my outfits can vary from being too laidback to being too dressed up or being a bit in the tomboy side, depending on my mood.

3. what made you start blogging, particularly about fashion?
honestly, i became interested in the idea of fashion blogging even way back when i was still living in the philippines. however, i didn't have the luxury of time and resources to do that back home since i was busy with school and extra curricular activities. what even encouraged me to really get into the whole blogging scene was when i started to pay more attention to how i dress. here in canada, i was able to control my own money and purchase what i want. that gave me the freedom to explore not just clothes, but fashion as a whole.

4. how has your fashion sense/style evolved since you started blogging?
i pertain to blogging for this question when i started my chictopia account, and not just this blog. i feel like ever since i got into it, i became bolder and more creative with my choices. in as much as i have always loved wearing trendy pieces, i think that when i started blogging, i became more aware of the possibilities of mixing and matching certain pieces in my wardrobe that i have never thought of. also, i was able to expand my shopping horizon, in the sense that i try to explore more places beyond the mall -- say thrift stores, small boutiques, online shops and garage sales.

5. what's one fashion trend you cannot stand/despise the most?
ooohhh.... it's not that i cannot stand it, but im just not a fan of t-shirts with brand names. im ok with bags or shoes or accessories. but i try to avoid the 'hollister-ae-gap-old navy' shirt trend. i do own a few, but they were because people gave them to me (and really, i just wear them in the gym or here at home. hahaha!).

thanks for the questions!!! :D feel free to drop your comments below. :D


  1. Loved reading your answers! Cute cardigan and scarf, the colors are lovely together!

  2. It's awesome to meet another stylish Manitoban and I love how sweet your blog is! Thanks for your comment, stay in touch!

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting! I love Belle, she's one of my favorite Disney princesses. I love Jane from Tarzan, she looks like Belle's British cousin or something?

  4. aww i love your answer to #4 and i totally agree! :) i adore the color of your cardigan! sigh, everytime i see that circle scarf i beat myself up for not buying the one from h&m...ah well, next fall/winter :D

  5. Great answers.. i love Belle too! and totally can relate to your answer on #4, there are so much inspirations can be found through blogging and that's what makes it fun.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. i'm with you on your mint green nail polish :)

  6. thnx u for passing by on my blog!!!! i like that ripped tshirt ure wearing in this post!!!! and great colour combination with the scarf and cardi!!!

    xoxo jenna

  7. OMG those are my favorite Disney characters too! Just add Jasmine and you got my top 3! Haha. <3 I looooove this outfit Sybil! And of course, the fact that your awesome ripped shirt is from PRP! Heeh.(;

  8. thanks for such a nice comment :)

  9. i agree with the branded name tee shirts

  10. I feel so privileged that I've gotten to see your style evolve via Chictopia and I always love seeing what you come up with (still obsessed with that wine-colored cardi) - keep it up!

  11. I love your cardigan, it fits you perfectly. :)

  12. i am so in love with this outfit on you! i have to say...gray and dark red/burgundy are the perfect colors on you! love how you wore this super long cardigan :) and i'd definitely be belle too.

  13. Soo luv this outfit on hun!!! I miss out on a weeks of blogging and ur looking even more fabulous!! Im back now, missed everyone, missed u, so glad to back! Mwah xx

  14. do you get sponsored like some of the other bloggers? (like getting free things to try and write reviews about?)

  15. I love this kind of posts, I guess I should do some of these soon, because is a great way to know people who are fab!

    Thanks for your lovely comment!!

  16. This is super adorable!!



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