Wednesday, February 3

the things in my mind..

my skin breakouts are terrible nowadays, i feel like im stressing out over unknown matters.

i've been stuck here at home today and i haven't had the motivation to go out since i've been thinking about things lately. anyway, they're no biggie (and no, i don't want to really note down dramatic stuff in my blog), but i thought of sharing a few things for today.

first, let me just give a shoutout to dear jasmine for being picked as part of the chictopia10 conference! i just found this thru her blog and i dont know if chictopia has released the other winners. but this is me saying to her that she should go!!!!!! hahahaha! i know she's still thinking about it due to expenses and time scheds, but i think that it will be great experience! plus, i would love to see her photography skills in action in NYC! drop by her blog to say hello and look at her wonderful pictures! also, she's hosting a give away so go go go! hahaha!
second, since i was just here at home today, i was able to stay online most of the time and was lucky enough to bag this pair of jumper pants from AA. im not sure if i can rock them just like liz of late afternoon since im really not as model-esque as her. but im gonna give it a try when i receive it and see how i can make it work for my body. im thinking of tapering it if it's too long for my height. as tim gunn would say, MAKE IT WORK! hahaha!
third, even though i didn't go out today, i thought of dressing up! hahaha! this is just a mix of what i have worn from the past few days.
outfit: forever21 coat, garage leggings, sm socks, gojane oxfords


  1. SYBILLLLLLLLLLL<3 you are SO SO SO SO SWEEET! and yes i AM going. i just sent an email to "cheri" about it! i'll do a proper post on this soon hehe! but thank you thank you thank you<333

    i cannot wait to see those pants on you! i love your cute little outfit today! i have yet to try out the cropped pants + oxfords look! but on you it's so cute!!! i love that jacket too<3

  2. i love those pants, but yes definitely couldn't rock em like liz! but make it work girl!

    xo Niki

  3. I'm sure you'll make those pants look great!

  4. ahh, i'm getting a ton of breakouts too, especially on my forehead (oh thank you bangs for concealing them so well). you're so sweet to mention jasmine, i can't believe she won! i'm not surprised though from reading her entry!
    AND CONGRATS ON GETTING THOSE AWESOME AA PANTS! i actually won the aa pullover and it's all thanks to you! i was checking the awards and i saw that you claimed the pants and i was like damn, i'm never going to get to anything on time. so i decided to make it my homepage (lame, i know) and i randomly clicked on it 20 minutes later and BAM they had just posted a bunch of new awards and i got one :D yay!

  5. I'm sorry to hear you're stressed out...and know what you mean about dressing up when you're not intending to go out. Sometimes it just makes the day better.

  6. Congratulations to Jazzy!!! That's so awesome! Congratulations to you too! Youre so fast on getting rewards! Stay amazing!!! Xoxo

  7. Congratulations to your friend. :) can't wait to see you try out the jumper pants, im sure you will look awesome as always. :) i absolutely love your coat in the last pic! :D

  8. Those pants are great! You could totally work those! And hopefully the day is less stressful today! <3

  9. Congrats to your friend!!!! I didn't take place in that contest I just miss it, ohhhhh :(

    I'm sure those pants will look terrific on you, you have a great style!!!

  10. ahhh congrats on the conference

    have a fabulous time!

  11. I was so happy for Jasmine, she is so sweet+cute and I'm so glad they pick someone who is really involve into the Chictopia community! This is true to you too; the sweet+cute and involve in Chictopia community part! :) Those AA pant are amazing, do they have them in store! I kinda want to try them on!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  12. I saw those AA pants, too and quite liked them! And that's so cool that Jasmine got picked for the Chictopia10 Conference! I'm also quite a fan of that wonderful red bag you're rocking :-)

  13. I'm not breaking out, but I'm losing a lot of hair, although I'm not really complaining since I have tons to share ;) DARN STRESS AND ALL THE HEALTH RELATED ISSUES IT BRINGS ON. I'm so proud of Jasmine for her accomplishments... it makes me teary thinking about it :')!!! I'm so stoked on seeing you rock those pants, I definitely couldn't pull them off, but you, can ROCK THEM!! God I'm just so happy for Jasmine right now I just keep on ranting to myself about how happy I am. SCREW MY CALCULUS TEST. It's time to bust out the champagne (whoops underage drinking (?)). Sorry for my inactivity on the world wide web recently, I really should get back to posting but I have no time at allllll! I was just checking my twitter and saw that the Chictopia10 results had come out and I saw Jazzy's little thumbnail and screamed at my computer screen. Yep, I'm a spazz <3 xo

  14. So sorry about the breakout, have you tried Mario Badescu? Its magical!


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