Tuesday, February 23

i mean, seriously!?!

aahhh after getting snow yesterday, here's what we're having for tonight, tomorrow and thursday.
this sucks. i'll be getting up early for the next few days for the research study that i am administering at the university and it would such a pain to wake up and take the bus with the harsh cold temperatures. oh help me, Lord.

today wasn't the most forgiving either. i went to university in this very drab outfit (with my thick wool coat on) to do a test run of the said research study. upon seeing those low digits, i lost my energy to dress up and really just went for loungewear. bad bad, i know...
outfit: hollister hoodie, dynamite tunic, aa leggings, le chateau boots, f21 shades

i will be sleeping early tonight since i need to be early in university tomorrow, something i haven't done for a couple of years (i've always taken the later classes so that i can afford to sleep in. hahaha!).

on better news:
hurray for 6 GOLD medals for Canada! not a lot compared to germany or usa, but still awesome! i'm off to having some dinner while watching curling, hockey and girls individual skating!

how's your evening?


  1. The weather is kind of weird here too, sunny yesterday, raining today :(

  2. I'm loving watching the Olympics lately. What a cute sporty winter outfit you're rocking, too :-)

  3. im watching the figure skating as well!!!! the korean and japanese skaters are soooooooo good though!

  4. i've been doing some olympic watching, too!

    keep warm!!

  5. The weather has sucked I already had to cancel 2 trips because of it

  6. i'm so over snow.



  7. lol our snow is just coming in we got like 6 or 7 inches today it was great! lol there is suppose to be more coming. I'm excited I just hope I'll be able to go home in time for vac. -_- lol
    .ps I like your boots =]

  8. Ughhh winnipeg weather, please get better! haha.
    I'm proud of Canada's medals :)
    Oh and you should hurry to joe! lotsa sales.

  9. Holy bleep, that's just not right. I have a new appreciate for the single digit lows we've been getting. Yikes!

    I love the Olympics. The figure skating's my favorite. So happy for Yu-Na.


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