Sunday, February 14

Day at the Mall

i totally had no time to post of what transpired yesterday so let me make it up to you. i went out with my bf to his side of the city. you see, he's staying at the southeast part of calgary, while my stuff are here in the northwest side in my cousin's house. so i took the train and met up with him so that he can show me around in the 'south' area of the city.
outfit: AA tunic & scarf, suzy shier blazer, dynamite leggings, le chateau boots

we went to the chinook centre and i was so happy to finally see a greater variety of retail stores! in winnipeg, we don't have zara so when i saw the store i was ecstatic to enter it and see what goodies i can purchase! teehee!
after a few hours of walking around the mall, my bf's cousin called him up and decided to watch a movie that night in the same mall. we ended up watching "percy jackson & the olympians the lightning thief". it was an average movie. predictable plot, ok visual effects, average acting. let's just say that i could have waited for the dvd/blu ray version of it.
that was the day more or less, i spent a good few hours uploading pictures from the previous day when we went to the zoo. it's in my multiply so if you're interested to see what we did in the zoo, click this.


  1. Funny that's how my cousins live there too. It takes one hour drive to get from one cousin's house to another. To think their min speed is 80 on major roads (I think). Mall-wise, they do have a lot there. One week isn't enough to go through them all. Can't wait for you to go to WEM. That's one of the best I've been in. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your stay there!

  2. awwww i love your yellow tunic!!! it's such a cheerful color and you look so happy. isn't zara amazing?? :D

  3. Purdys and Zara!!!! I wanna drive to Canada now.

  4. yay, cant wait to see what's inside that zara bag :) you look super cute in that yellow bigbird tunic :)

  5. I like your outfit! such a pretty scarf.


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