Sunday, January 31

watching the grammy's as i type..

so im currently watching the grammy's as i type this entry and i've written some notes (i always do this with a lot of music awards show, i dont know why.. maybe out of habit since i used to religiously blog about these things). anyway, here's what i have.. hahaha!

1. lady gaga & elton john - you left me speechless.. dear lady gaga, can i borrow your mint green sparkly dress even for just 1 hour! :p
2. song of the year: single ladies
3. american idiot play: goosebumps.. i officially love greenday! :D rock & musical theater amazingness!
4. best country album: taylor swift. can i just say how i find her so cute whenever she gets so surprised and opens up her mouth for like 5 mins. hahaha!
5. beyonce performance: HELLO SASHA FIERCE!!!! and i love the alanis morisette cover, in fairness! :D
6. pink - how can you not love her when she sings oh so magnificently while hanging above the ground almost 30 feet high with only her knees carrying her weight. now that's how you make yourself stand out!
7. best new artist: zac brown band
8. black eyed peas - they def know how to start a party!!
9. record of the year: kings of leon - you somebody
10. jamie foxx - wahahha! OPERA!
11. kesha & justin bieber = ultimate fail of the night.
12. taylor swift's performance
- cute! haha!
13. michael jackson's song - i actually really enjoyed that! powerful voices on stage. i wish i had 3D glasses.

so that's about it for the grammy's. i guess i wasn't that on point in my predictions, eh? hahaha!

anyway, today was family sunday as usual and we heard mass to remember my grandfather who died 40 days ago. that has been a tradition for us filipinos.. :)
outfit: joe fresh turtle neck top & flats, kismet skirt,
payless stockings, sm socks, f21 jewelry
close up pictures here
kristy's gift!

after that we had a really good lunch at my aunt's place and just spent time bonding with my cute cute cousins! are you ready to go aaawwww??

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  1. ah i can't believe i'm not watching the grammy's right now. stupid statistics quiz tomorrow :(
    i'm definitely going to be searching a ton of these performances on youtube tomorrow! i love that necklace kristy sent you, it's gorgeous! and how cute are your cousins???? :)


    haha anyway thanks for stopping by the blog. :) wanna trade links?

  3. I love the Elton and Gag performance, too! Totally hope she brings home the most awards! And ah, that pretty skirt is so wonderful!

  4. love the necklace :D im d.i.y-ing a jules smith inspired bracelet as i type hehehe

  5. dear lady gaga, can i borrow your shoes? hahahaha. why does she get to wear the most fierce pairs ever! i kinda wanna be like lady gaga now.

    i love pink's performance!

  6. How could you forget about lil wayne! lol. I love him! :) His, Drake's, and Eminem's performance was amazing!

  7. I love the outfit so much!!! Pretty skirt!

  8. @ niki: i didn't get to finish the whole notation thing. i stopped after m. jackson's performance.. but being a canadian, i was definitely in the groove with drake, eminem and lil wayne! teehee! :D

  9. omg i watched an hour of the grammys while i was at the gym tonight! SERIOUSLY the first couple of performances gave me CHILLLSSSS while i was SWEATING. AHH! i really dislike black eyed peas' performance..they were off beat :( i am so sick of their songs...ugghhhhh so overplayed :( wah! i don't really like a lot of the winners, some were a bit undeserved, but ah well. i knew beyonce would dominate, though i'm kind of sad lady gaga didn't win more!

    love your necklaces dear<3

  10. Im at work now, But im reading all the tweets and keeping up to date with everyone : ) Hope u had a fabulous wknd and as always luv ur outfit and pics!!

  11. Oh that little cousin is ADORABLE!! I loved Gaga and Elton's performance the most - Your Song and Speechless? SO killer

  12. You look cute and so does your cousin. I loved the Elton John & Lady Gaga performance xoxo

  13. i didnt watch the grammy, so thanks for the recap!:D i saw lady gaga's outfits and WOW she never fails to amaze us. anywhoodles, glad you like the charm necklace!:D now im thinking of getting one for myself! puahahaha..

    and who's that cutie pie? can i borrow him for a night? :p

  14. Defs loving the necklace! And your blog layout is gorgeous!

  15. I haven't seen the Grammy's yet. Darn.

    Love your outfit. So schoolgirl-ish. :P

  16. adorable pictures!!!!! oh wow. and about the grammy's, who keeps 3d glasses at home? haha. disappointing.

    xo Niki


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