Friday, January 29

Asian Movie Festival

i went out tonight with my bf and a couple of friends to see a film screening of filipino movie in the university. this week was asian movie festival week and each day there was a designated country participating and showing a local movie. for the last night (which is tonight), philippines was highlighted and we watched the movie, Ploning.

most of you may not understand it, but don't you think that the scenery is breath taking. it just made me miss the tropical weather and the beaches back home. i wont be the perfect person to explain the story. but thank god for IMDB.

Ploning, is a story of one mans search for the enigmatic woman who has deeply wounded him in the past. Having grown up in an illegal Taiwanese fishing vessel, Rodrigo (30 years old) returns to the beautiful island of Cuyo and is given from sunrise to sunset to look for his Ploning. In his search, he discovers that the woman he loved and adored as a boy is not the woman he thought he knew. Ploning has displayed her maternal love for Digo ( the 6-year old Rodrigo) but is shrouded in her mysterious love and devotion for Tomas, her childhood sweetheart who left her when she was 16. This 30-year-old spinster who has held a special place amongst the people as a dutiful daughter, a devoted friend, a caring sister and a loving maternal figure is slowly unveiled through Rodrigos memory and an emotional meeting with Plonings confidante, Seling. Through his search, Ploning will be revealed as the islands most bittersweet source of selfless love.

so there..
aside from that, it was good to see my university friends. since i haven't been in school, i rarely see them and it was nice to get together and catch up with their university life. teehee!

oh yeah, i was having doubts on whether to post this outfit or not. i was just looking through my closet and pulled out whatever items i haven't used for a long time, hence the plaid jacket & red tunic. what do you think?
outfit: gifted jacket, mariposa tunic, celine shoes, garage leggings
i would appreciate honest ratings in my chictopia

oh btw, i was browsing thru blogs and out of nowhere, i thought to myself: how random can the word verification terms be?!
i don't know why i thought of that too. im just a very random person, i guess. hahaha! so here's the deal, when you comment below, would it be possible for you to indicate the verification word that you had to type. im just interested to know. teehee!


  1. i'm glad you ended up posting this outfit because it's so lovely! you look amazing in red and the red looks amazing with the plaid! haha :) ploning sounds amazing! i haven't watched an asian movie in so long, my mom is always watching them and trying to get me to join her :P
    haha and my word verification number is dectu. i've gotten that so many times already....

  2. oh yess. I also miss the weather and beaches of our tropical island, Philippines. :) Sigh, but can't wait to visit. Hehehe.

    The outfit totally works for you. :) and you're wearing black n red! Hehehe. Fave colors! :D

    Oh the verification word was efeco. :D heheh random much indeed.. :D

  3. Interesting movie... thx for sharing :) Mon Mode Blog

  4. cute coat! The movie sounds intresting, i love foreign films.
    ps my word verification was streced

  5. ahh my comment on chictopia ALWAYS gets cut off :( thank goodness we have un-cut comments here :) anyway...

    i LOVE this outfit on you sybil! it looks like you're out of your fashion rut with fabulous hair and great legs ;] that plaid jacket really spices it up!

  6. You look great, I like the outfit made of random and not-recently-worn pieces. The movie sounds great. I think I might see if my library network has it with subtitles:) The word verification is...pindwea.

  7. i haven't watched ploning yet. must put it on my must watch list. ^^


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