Sunday, December 13

hello blogger, we meet again..

to be honest, i never thought i'd go back here. i used to remember my highschool days, when all i wrote about was my crush, my late night escapades to the bar, slumber parties with my bestfriends and all the petty things teenage lives were made of. oh, those were the good times.

5 years later, here i am living in the other side of the world, done with my university degree and now part of the workforce. aacck! serious much? and that's why i go back here. i think i need a space to keep me sane and let my so-called creative juices flow or maybe, just something to keep me distracted with the hustle of life.

this is quite exciting. let's see where this goes.

i hope you continue reading my animated confessions...


  1. yay Sybil!:D I'll follow you wherever you go! :D:D:D

  2. YAY!! :D OMG I totally remember those middle school/high school days of blogging...they were interesting hahaha. I too will follow you!! :D this is EXCITING! we're starting fresh together<3 I'm going to link you right after this comment!!

  3. im still a newbie in this one. i need to try and refresh myself of how html works. hahaha! but thanks for commenting!!! im quite excited with this blogging thing! :D yay!


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