Tuesday, December 15

baaahh!!! sick!

sick and must go to bed now...

this weather sucks :(


  1. OH NO! :( feel better<3 drink lots of water and stay warm!! it's good? okay not good, better/less sucky that you're sick during break rather than during school...well i supposed you'll always be on break since you're done with school...the POINT is: FEEL BETTER<3

  2. stay warm and drink lots of fluid!getting sick in winter is the worst feeling ever. but at least you're done with exams so you can rest at home (and do some online shopping! woohoo!)

    Get well soon :)


  3. thanks to you both!!!! :D *hugs*
    i really hope to feel better before the holidays start to creep in. it will suck to spend christmas stuck in my room.


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